Friday, June 27, 2008

Vito and Carlos at 12 months

The twins have turned a year old and much have changed in the last 11 months. In terms of looks, they are now sporting semikal hairdos. They are more "talkative" and would sometimes shreak to get your attention. They are intelligent coz they pick-up tricks easily. Although they have not started to walk yet, they can now stand up and sit down without support, and they try to make little steps, too. They love to browse through picture books and photo albums. They dance when their favorite cartoon songs come out on TV. As early as now, we teach them how to share and we recite a prayer with them during bedtime.

Vito weighs 9.5 kilos, and loves to eat Marie biscuits. You will be amazed with his antics, which include "align", "clap", "apir" and "where is the nose?". He crawls as fast as Schumacher. He has learned to cry without tears (drama) just to get your attention, hehe. Kuya Vito finally has teeth! :) Two big pearly whites sprouted on his upper gums when he was two weeks shy of his 1st birthday. He is still very energetic, very bungisngis and would sometimes bite you if he makes gigil. :)

Carlos weighs 11 kilos. He is picky with food and prefers the more expensive kind like yogurt, avocado and peaches in light syrup. He likes it when you feed him ulam from your hand.. pinoy na pinoy, hehe! He has also learned new tricks like "align", "clap", "apir" and "where is the nose?" He is very behaved and smiles a lot :)

They are a joy to our family esp to their grandparents. Their lolos and lolas want to spend as much time with them as they can :) It's true that babies are blessings. The twins have brought our family closer together. :)

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