Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Divisoria 101

To make your Divi shopping an enjoyable one, here are my tips:

> do not bring a wallet. do not wear jewelry. dress simply. wear pants with a deep pocket to hide your cash and/or cellphone. secure your pocket with a big safety pin.
> bring one big bag para isang bitbit lang lahat ng items.
> magtanong sa security guard for directions para siguradong safe.
> wholesale is buying 6 items. nkkatipid eto.
> avoid stalls na maraming tao or else magiging "prospect" ka ng magnanakaw. modus operandi pag madaming tao is may didikit syo kunyari buyer din sha yun pala nka-kupit na sa pocket mo or bag.
> always be on guard when walking. sometimes may babangga syo kunyari, modus operandi din yun.
> count your change before leaving the store. modus operandi esp pag madaming tao is kulang yung change na mabigay syo.
> check the items you bought before leaving the store, esp if you bought several items in one store. you will be suprised when you get home na kulang pala yung nabalot for you.
> sometimes, cheaper ang items pag ang stall is malayo sa main entrance.
> always be alert; and lastly, dont be shy to make tawad :)

Happy shopping everyone! :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vito and Carlos at 11 months

The twins luuuv to eat taho and pandesal. They love to climb, crawl, reach things and open cabinet doors.

Vito's tricks include doing the rolling R, sticking out his tongue, doing the mcdo sign with his hands over his head, doing close-open and waving his hand to say ba-bye. He would slowly sit on the floor, if you stand him against the wall. He has mastered the art of crying a certain way (paawa effect) so you will be obliged to carry him.

Carlos' tricks include standing up against the wall, doing the kiss sound and doing close-open to say ba-bye. He loves avocado, peaches and Nestle yogurt fruit selection. During sleep time, dont pretend to be asleep because he will slap you in the face, put his finger inside your nose and poke you in the eyes to "wake" you up.

Monday, May 26, 2008

My trip to Divisoria Mall

I finally set foot on the very infamous Divisoria Mall. Been wanting to go here for the longest time, but no one would accompany me Bwahaha! It's not that bad, really. Or maybe it was a Monday, at 10am, and it was makulimlim. Hehehe.

I was with my MIL and together we searched for party items. The theme for the twins' birthday is "Superman & Batman". All the party supplies are in the Basement (katabi ng wet market), like the party hats, nametags, balloons, invitations, etc. They also have themed party supplies na Justice League, Disney Princess, Sponge Bob, etc. Most of the toys sa 2nd and 3rd floors are great for give-aways but limited lang ang theme and most of what they have are Disney Cars, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse.

Happy ako sa purchases super sulit na rin esp for our budget party. I was able to buy the ff:

Lootbag for the boys:
small justice league backpack - P20
rubik's cube - P7
chess - P8
snakes & ladders - P8
lighting Pokemon yoyo - P7
batman toy - P75 for 1/4 kilo (44 pcs) - This I bought on impulse. Bwahaha!

Lootbag for the girls:
small disney princess backpack - P20
jackstone - P36 for 10 pcs
silver kikay bracelet - P25 for 12 pcs

For the game prizes:
disney princess wallet - P8
jump rope - P8
water game - P7.50

For our decors, I was able to buy 100 pcs non-glossy size 5 balloons of assorted colors (P95), sticks (P35) and a hand pump (P35). A total of P160.

For the twins' costume, I was able to buy size 1 superman and batman suits for P450 (price of both).

That's P1,500 for everything. We bought them all in Divisoria Mall. It's the green building (w/ the wet market sa basement) along Tabora Street. It's our first-time here, but okay naman ang experience. Not to confuse, the New Divisoria Shopping Center is the peach building across it, with an Anding's store beside the entrance.

I also asked for tarpauline printing, pero mahal dito, P40/sq.ft. Tarp Kingdom offers P25/sq.ft (Tel No. 2477197). Mental note to self - bring a map next time! Shopping will be faster.

I wasn't able to buy cupcake stand materials cause I couldn't find the right styro size. Maybe I should try cake supply shops. Long way to go pa sa birthday preps, I only have 5 weeks to go, mejo panic mode na rin. Waaahhh.

Shakey's it is!

We finally booked a venue - Shakey's Galleria. We got them because they are accessible, affordable and accommodating. :) We availed of their food, good for 100pax. It also includes exclusive use of venue, aircon and soundsystem.

Food for the kids - chicken, spaghetti w/ garlic bread, ice cream cup and iced tea.

Food for the kids at heart - chicken, pizza, spaghetti w/ garlic bread, mojo potatoes, raisin oatmeal cookie and iced tea.

We can come in early to decorate the place. We will bring our own cake, pinata, clown and decors - no corkage fee. So far so good. Hope everything turns out well... :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Double birthday party for Keith and his dad

It's my FIL's birthday today. Yup, magkasunod sila ni Keith. We had small handa at their home in Taguig. Keith's childhood friends and officemates were there. Vito's yaya is on vacation (of all days) so shempre ako ang yaya. I also helped prepare the pulutan for the inuman. I cooked kropek, garlic mushroom, (oily) krispy kangkong - Haha I forgot to put them in tissue paper before serving :P Ngarag na kse and super kapoy (forgot to take pics, hay). I also cooked penne pasta - which was patok sa kids, naks! So kahit nkka-pagod, happy na rin. :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Hunny!

I promised him this year we'll celebrate because last year we were in the hospital. I was confined on his birthday due to contractions. Gusto na lumabas ng twins - but hindi pa pwede coz I was only 29 weeks!

So last night I sneaked out and went to bring ice cream to his office, not just a scoop of ice cream but two 3.4 liters of Selecta ice cream (coffee crunch and mango, his fave). His team made a surprise handaan for him, too - pancit and KFC. This morning we went to Podium to have our first formal family picture.

Then, we had lunch at Lasa Manila. We had the entire resto to ourselves coz we were the only customers. Hehe. Tonight we cooked carbonara and roasted chicken. Of course a birthday is not complete without a cake so I handed him this choco cake with yema filling from Shoppers, yum! :)

Happy Birthday Hunny! :) May your birthday wish come true! :) My wish for you is to have perfect health - so quit smoking na, hehehe I love you very much. Thanks for being the best husband and dad to the bugoys. Mwah! :)

Hunny's birthday lunch at Lasa Manila

We had lunch at Lasa Manila in Podium. We ordered binagoongang baboy (my fave), kalderetang baka (his fave), molo soup (so the twins can eat too) and pansit canton (our fave). The food lived up to their name, very ma-lasa indeed. :)

Happy Birthday Hunny! :)

Twins first photo shoot

Here's our family collage, taken by Jace of The Picture Company - Podium.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Superman & Batman, you win!

Okay, pagbigyan ang magbabayad ng party, Haha. The theme is Superman & Batman. Otherwise known as Justice League. Expect some birthday party preps soon. Budget party ito so I will DIY some stuff. Ahaha, goodluck to me!! :)

* Photo courtesy of

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Kuya Vito is always on the lookout on what he can do next. He loves to tear paper and could turn a page of newspaper into confetti. As in pino ang pag punit Hehehe! Kka-walis lang namin, may kalat nnaman, haha!

He is quick to imitate. He loves to do the rolling R, as in "Rrrr". This is his latest trick. His last trick was sticking his tongue out. The other night I saw him giggle in his sleep. Nkkatawa! :) He must have been dreaming about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, hehehe.

Here I am trying to distract him with Picture Picture coz he is cranky and restless and wants to open the cabinet doors.. :P

Be cool

We are teaching the twins to walk and a tip from my Tita Olive is to lean them against the wall. Once they establish their confidence in standing up, they will soon take that first step. So we gave it a try.

Here is Carlos standing coolly while holding the wall. Super natuwa tlaga ako when I first saw him do it! :D Of course we are always on guard coz he might fall. He actually loves being in this position and would smile at us, as if saying, "Be cool.. I can do this." Hehehe.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rainy day strollin'

If we are at our parents house, the twins accompany their lolo on his morning walk in the village's oval. Ever since his angioplasty procedure, he has taken his health seriously. He jogs every morning, sometimes as many as 5 laps. I cant keep up with him! :P

We were just about to go for the morning stroll, when it drizzled. So we just took some pictures and strolled inside the house, Hehe!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mother's Day Treat

Keith and I had dinner at Bonifacio High Street. It was his Mother's Day treat for me. Yah, delayed na hehe but its just now that we had the chance to go out. And hindi pa nga sana matutuloy coz he's supposed to be in Batangas this weekend, mabuti na lang cancelled. ;)

I love Boni High Street! I don't know, but there's a certain relaxing, cool, sentimental feel to the place. We decided to eat at Texas Roadhouse Grill.

It was our first time to eat here. I was craving for some good cheese the entire week so I was happy to see there's mozzarella sticks in the menu. We ordered one right away! :)

Aside from the mozzarella (and the free roasted nuts on the table), I had Seafood Pasta Marinara and he had steak (I forgot na which one) but I think he ordered the Wrangler's Pork Steak. Basta, it looked something like this:

Their food was okay, nothing special. They came in big servings and we had to take some home coz half nga lang ung naubos ko.

I actually miss these dinner dates.. Looking forward to more of these. Attention: Hunny. hehehe!

Monday, May 12, 2008

6 weeks 6 days

I have exactly 6 weeks and 6 days to prepare for my twins' 1st birthday party. Waaaaaahh! Until now, I can't decide on which theme to use. I want cutie themes like Tigger & Pooh, Mickey & Donald, Mario & Luigi, etc. However, Keith wants a more masculine theme. So, we decided on Superman & Batman theme. But choosing lootbag contents would limit the items to boys stuff, so I am thinking of changing the theme to Justice League. Kaya lang, Justice League is so gasgas na, and I really want a cutie theme hahaha! After all this is a 1st birthday! :P I also thought of using characters the twins can recognize like Little Einsteins, Pocoyo or Higglytown Heroes but buying the imported products would be expensive, and sadly there are no imitation in Divisoria, Haha! Other themes in mind are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Disney Cars. I am ok na with Justice League, kaya lang the twins do not know them. Hayyy what to do.. what to do?

Maybe its better if we do not have a theme.. ?!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day at my ninang's place. She was celebrating her birthday too, with a big swimming party. It was also a family reunion because we were all there.

Carlos' yaya was on vacation, so I was his yaya (since yesterday). Of course with that I mean, no cellphone, no TV, no extra curricular activity for me Hahaha. I was busy busy busy that I was not able to even greet my MIL a happy mother's day (patay) - I remembered just now!

To all the fearless, hardworking and very loving moms out there, Happy Mother's Day! :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Affordable fastfood venues

For a hassle-free, budget-friendly party, celebrate it in your favorite fastfood store:

Shakey's El Pueblo - 6344871
Shakey's Galleria - 6320549
Shakey's Libis - 6372731; 4373665

Jollibee Greenmeadows - 6877910
Jollibee Greenhills - 721567

KFC Megamall A - 6345808
KFC Acropolis - 6348107; 6348183

Fazoli's Eastwood - 4210453; 4210416

These are affordable fastfood venues that also offer party amenities like balloons, invitations, cake, lootbags, pinata, magicians, character mascots, etc.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

More venue rates

UP Balay Kalinaw - 9204843
Rate: P3,500
3 hrs use; 120 capacity
use of soundsystem + 100 chairs
P210 per 50 guests (outside caterer)
P135 utility worker per 50 guests (for weekend)

OSMA Penthouse - 6871042 - Ms. Sheng
Prestige Tower Roofdeck - 9106361
Rate: P15K consumable
Capacity - 100 pax
4 hours - P1200 per hour in excess

Clubhouse rates

Bel-Air clubhouse - 8971856
Gemini Room - (100 pax) P5,000 for first 4 hours; in excess is P650/hour
Phoenix Room - (160 pax) P6,000 for first 4 hours; in excess is P750/hour
*Resident rate is half the price.

Valle Verde 4 Clubhouse - 6310234
Rate: P10,000
Capacity: 180 pax

Valle Verde 5 Clubhouse - 6310496
Hall A - P4,500
Hall B - P5,000

Valle Verde 6 Clubhouse - 6313970 (you will need a sponsor)
non-resident rate = P12,000 and bond of P3000 (4hours)
resident rate = P9,500 and bond of P3000

Lexington (near C5 Pasig) - 6404032
AM party is P4,000 for first 3 hours; P5,000 if PM party.
in excess is P800 per hour
Add P1,000 bond if non-resident.

Palladium (Shaw, Mandaluyong) - 5333048
P7,000 for first 4 hours. Poolside has 250 capacity

Corinthians Clubhouse - 6330914 (you will need a sponsor)
180 pax = P11K + 5K bond (refundable after 1 week)
150 pax = P10K + 5K bond (refundable after 1 week)
100 pax = P9K + 5K bond (refundable after 1 week)

Greenwoods Executive Village - 6815486 - Ms Teresa
P6,700 first 4 hrs (main hall, no tables chairs)
P120/head use of swimming pool
*This is non-resident rate

Alta Vista Antipolo - 6815152
P6,000 - 4 hours use of main hall + 2 hours set-up
P6,000 - for swimming pool
P1,000 - charge for outside caterer
Accredited caterer - Avengoza catering
*This is non-resident rate

Vista Verde Executive Village - 6823398 - Ms Jenny
P5,000 good 4 hours, 70 pax (main hall, no tables chairs)
P6,720 - (multi purpose)
P112/head use of swimming pool
*This is non-resident rate