Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas at Bahay ni Maria

Keith and his friends organized a charity event this year. They chose Bahay ni Maria in Makati. This is my very first charity event. :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas at Jalapeño

Merry Christmas! Here we are with Strike Team at Jalapeño Julia Vargas. Masarap the food, and I loved the lemonade!

We had exchange gift, and we got a starter set with bowls from Les. This will be useful in the kitchen and for our get-togethers, thanks! :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Divisoria 2009

This Christmas season, I think I went to Divi for like six times, oh my god I cant believe it! I go to Divi to buy gifts for officemates, friends, inaanaks, aunts, cousins, and helpers.

I started xmas shopping in November, but later realized that the items being sold are old stocks from last year. I recognize the wood items and other stuff I bought the past year, hehe. So anyway, here are my top 10 Divi xmas shopping tips:

1. Make a list. Indicate the age and gender. I failed to do this this year, and I regret it. Pramis it will help you save if you buy in bulk.
2. For christmas decors, buy them in November. I frequent this stall along the street near Divi Mall. They are beside the stuff toys area. I got a plain wreath for P40.
3. For christmas gifts, I suppose its better if it was just a one-day shopping event. Take a leave around 2nd week of December, preferably a Monday. Start shopping at 8AM. Park car in Tutuban.
4. Get one of those sako bags, so you have everything in just one bag.
5. Cheapest items are found in Divisoria Mall.
6. Nice items not found in Divi Mall can be found in Meisic Mall.
7. I found great buys sa streets like big mugs at 6pcs for P50, Nike cap with tag for P50, black vest for P150, leggings for P80 each. Some vendors come out around 4pm, but some have pwesto.
8. Buy gift wrappers in bulk. There is this store between Meisic and Divi mall that sells them in bulk.
9. Bring alcohol or wet ones. You will need it, hehe.
10. Not everything in Divi is cheap. I was trying to find this class A rubber shoes. I ended up buying it in Greenhills because it is cheaper there and the craftsmanship is nice. Class A Lacoste shirts are also sold cheaper in Greenhills than Divi.

Every year, I get wiser and wiser in terms of shopping for christmas, and eye laaav et!! :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Let's Count 1 to 10

One = Wan
Two = Too
Three = Chwee
Four = Pohh
Five = Pie
Six = Chii
Seven = Eben
Eight = Et
Nine = Nayn
Ten = Ten

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Just want to make a quick shout-out that I am alive and well!! And here’s hoping that all of you are doing fine.

During the typhoon, we had poor cellphone signal, poor water, no electricity, no telephone, no internet, no nothing. At night, we couldn’t sleep, bcoz the twins were sweating to death despite our best efforts to fan them. Flood water was thigh-deep outside our apartment. And because we were beside a creek, we were praying real hard that the wall will protect us from the raging waters. And it did. Just past midnight on Saturday, we heard a crash. In the morning, we discovered that the wall collapsed just a few houses away from us.. thick mud and big rocks were everywhere, about three houses were severely damaged.

On Monday, Keith decided we needed to evacuate. All hotels were booked, except Lancaster Hotel in Shaw. Mau, Moxi and the yayas were with us so we booked a 2-bedroom loft-type suite with kitchen (utensils, pots included), a dining area, living room and laundry area. It was a good refuge to us typhoon-victims. Buying grocery from Megamall was a nightmare. The lines were crazy long! I overheard Sta Lucia was closed so people were doing their shopping in Mega.

Ondoy will never be forgotten. He has taken so many lives in Rizal. In fact, in De Castro Pasig, where we usually lived, the houses were submerged in flood water. I am so grateful that we have moved to Brookside and I am truly blessed that my entire family is safe. We were fortunate that flood was only in our street. Mom's house was not as lucky. Flood water was waist-deep on the first floor and all cars were submerged in water. My dad was rushed to the hospital on Sunday night because of cold sweating, tummy ache and headache. He was discharged today and is perfectly okay. Na-stress lang, hehe!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lancaster Hotel, Shaw

Lancaster Hotel is nice.

I didn't know the De Luxe Suite we checked into was loft-type. I was a little hesitant because we had three toddlers with us and the last thing we needed was a child falling from the stairs. But all other hotels are fully booked, so mag reklamo pa ba? The swimming pool was at the top of the building, and it was an open area, so that's definitely a no-no for the kids. I had strict orders for the yayas to be 200% careful.

Here we are, reading bedtime stories. This we cannot do at home because of brownout.

The staff were accommodating, but service was slow. I had to call them five times to send the additional pillows. There was only one TV and it was in the living room. No TVs in the bedroom. Over-all, the hotel was okay. We needed electricity, water and shelter, and we got it from Lancaster.

Friday, September 18, 2009

What's with the tongue??

"Smile" for the camera is this:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Moxi at 10 months

This is my most beautiful pamangkin, Moxi, pronounced Mouksh by Vito and Carlos.

In this pic, I really think she resembles me when I was a baby, hehe. Lucky girl ;)

Isnt she adorable? :D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hello from NYC

Tito Ruben and Tita Chat came by to visit the Philippines for a short vacation. Since arriving 10 days ago, they have toured Nueva Ecija, Roxas, Dumaguete to visit relatives, and now Manila.

We had lunch together and food was sumptuous! Lumpiang ubod, Kare-Kare with bagoong, Pancit Bam-i, Chicken Teriyaki, fruits and ice cream. I gained another 10 lbs this weekend, mwahaha.

Pose for a family picture. Not included are Vito, Mau and Moxi coz they were taking a nap.

OMG!! I look so phat! este fat. The 10 lbs I gained are all in my cheeks! Bwahaha.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Katrina's Tagaytay

We met up with Mike and Botch coz we have planned to go to Tagaytay this evening for dinner, and some chillin' in cool weather. It was traffic in SLEX because of the Skyway extension, but we saw a lot of Decepticon trucks. That kept us amuzed, hehehe. In Laguna, we stopped by Paseo de Santa Rosa, where Keith was able to buy a gray cotton t-shirt (with a right-side pocket -his favorite shirt style) at Dockers with 50% discount. He also found a backpack in Nike which is strong enough to hold his laptop. It also has a thermal pocket for his tumbler. He got the bag at 50% off. You bet he was beaming with happiness.

We then headed to Katrina's, a resto-pub serving authentic Mediterranean cuisine, just a few meters away from Casino Filipino and Mcdonald's. We were met by the very accommodating owner and restaurateur, Trevor Roberts. That's him behind me.

He indulged us with stories and secrets of their restaurant, I am not sure if I can share them here though, hehe. Just pay him a visit, I'm sure he'll extend the same warmth and hospitality.

Our first order was a bottle of semi-sweet Infantes red wine. And since it was our first time, he suggested that we try some of their best-sellers - pizzas baked in an oven with volcanic stones, double cheese spaghetti, cottage pie, fish & chips, and apple pie. We ordered them all. For pizza, we ordered two - Chef's Special and Alfredo. Dinner was super! And cheap. For all that we only paid P2,500.

Currently, a part of the restaurant is under renovation. We will surely come back for the great food, affordable meals and cozy ambiance. BTW, they also have rooms for rent, very convenient if you've had too much to drink and cant drive. For inquiries, call 09053288425 or 09192756904.

Before heading home, we made a quick stop at Starbucks just to check out Taal and have more of that cool Tagaytay breeze. We were so full that we didnt even attempt to buy water, hahaha. Until next time... :)

On A Roadtrip

Thank God It's Friday!

After work, Keith and I met at Megamall to check out the Adidas Nike Sale at the Megatrade Hall. He was looking for a backpack for his laptop. I said, "What! Another laptop bag??" He then tried to explain that he needed a sporty bag for his laptop "para naman hindi halata sa mga mandurukot".. Roll eyes. Okay fine. We browsed throught the items, but didn't find anything interesting, so I pulled him out and told him I was hungry. While we were trying to decide where to eat, we saw Dulcinea. Grabeh, I missed Dulcinea! Last year, they shutdown there branches in Megamall and Galleria, and I thought I would never see them again. I am so happy they are back in business! Keith ordered tuna sandwich and our favorite fruit shake. I ordered churros con chocolate, my favorite comfort food in the whole wide world! Hehehe.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Vito and Carlos!

It's the twins 2nd birthday and they woke up to their favorite things - balloons, CARS activity books, and breakfast delivery from Jollibee, hehe. They love Jollibee mascot and they call him Bobby. They also received a Red Ribbon cake from my parents.

We planned to make the most out of this day as a family, coz we rarely get to do that with our tight schedules. So, after taking their siesta, we left the house at 3PM and picked-up their Lightning Mcqueen cakes from Shoppersville in Katipunan.

Then, we went to Mega Plaza in Ortigas for their first dental check-up. I know, they should have taken this a long time ago, but its difficult to take the twins to the barber without putting up a fight, what more the dentist? Our dental appointment was at 4pm, and we were late. While we were walking through the corridors, the twins were already crying, and when I opened the clinic door, they were screaming. OMG! I had no other choice but to retreat. I told the secretary - sorry I have to cancel, they might get traumatized, next time na lang ha, hehe. So we went down and as soon as the elevator opened to the lobby, we heard the twins laugh in between sobs. As in sigh of relief, bwahaha. tsk tsk tsk.

We went to Galleria and had snacks in Cerealicious. I ordered robopop (cornflakes, banana, nestle pops and strawberry syrup), and we ordered chocolate oatmeal for the twins. They liked my food better, so we swapped.. sayang masarap pa naman, hahaha.

At this point, my in-laws arrived and we went to the department store because their lola wanted to buy them new clothes. She got them jackets and t-shirt/short sets from Mickey Mouse, another one of their favorites.

Then, we went to Tom's World at the 3rd floor for some vroom vroom action. We always go to this area because not so many kids play at this side of the mall. The twins love the yellow and red cars, and they always ride these whenever we are in Galleria. Today, they tried the mini-carousel, boat, drums and throwed hoops at the basketball shooting arcade. I was so proud when Carlos was able to shoot one ball, ring-less, hahaha.

After that one hour of playing, we went to Edsa Shrine to offer a prayer of thanks. Then, we headed to Congo Grille in El Pueblo Real de Manila for our family dinner.

The twins with their uncle Gelo, 3 years old.

Congo Grille was our first choice for the birthday dinner because of their location and affordability. We rented out the function room, which can accommodate 50 pax. We were only about 20 people, so we had a lot of space. Food was yummy, service was the best. Our over-all experience with them was good. We were happy to choose Congo Grille. At 9:30pm, we decided to call it a night.

Happy Birthday Kuya Vito! :)

Happy Birthday Carlos! :)

Welcome to the terrible twos, hehe.

More pictures here.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers 2 at Trinoma

Our team watched the Transformers on its third day of screening. Hindi naman kame excited, hahaha! We picked the 8pm show at Trinoma, cinema 6. We sure had a blast!

This Transformers had hardcore action. I like the first one better :P

There was something different about Megan Fox in this movie. I think her lips were stung by a bee or something. She had puckered lips the entire film, and it was not flattering at all. How true she's the next Tomb Raider??

More of our pictures here:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pasto at El Pueblo Real de Manila

Keith and I met up with his friends for some drinks in El Pueblo. We were supposed to go to our favorite hangout Sidebar, but when we had dinner at Pasto we decided to just stay there -where it is more quiet, and since there were only a few patrons because of closign time, we had the place all to ourselves, literally, hehe. The restaurant closes at 11pm, but we stayed until 2am. Before they closed, we ordered panini, pizza, a bottle of red wine, some zombie cocktails and five buckets of beer. We were just 6 - mike and botch, lester and marc. At around 12mn, botch and I went to mcdonalds to buy some french fries and ice cream for me, hehe. It sure was a fun and relaxing night. I love to chill :)

Notice anything different? I decided to dye my hair brown this morning. I love it. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Boracay ~ Day 3

I woke up, still sleepy, and checked my wristwatch. It said 6:07am. What! It was our last day in Boracay and we were leaving at 9am to catch our 1pm flight in Kalibo. So I jumped out of bed, hurriedly packed all our things and ran to D'Mall for that last minute pasalubong shopping. Good thing, some stores were already open, and I was able to grab souvenirs at 8pcs for P100. When I went back to our room, Keith was still asleep. I woke him up and said we needed to take our breakfast if he still wanted to tour White Beach one last time.

As expected, breakfast was yummy. I had the usual cornflakes and milk, scrambled egg, bacon and rice. I also had coffee and some oranges. After breakfast, we went to the concierge to ask if we can leave at 10am, instead of 9am. While they were calling Southwest Tours to ask, a man approached us and said he was there to pick us up. What!! He said the bus was leaving at 9am because there are many people in Kalibo airport that day. So we said okay and asked if we can just pack our things and that we'll come back right away.

So, we went back to our room, and instead of getting our things, we grabbed the camera and ran to White Beach. We took our final dive and swam and took photos of the beach, the island, the boats, etc. Then, we went back to the hotel, took a quick shower and said goodbye to the staff at Grand Boracay. We will definitely stay here again! Definitely!

And so off we went to Cagban port, to Caticlan, then Kalibo airport, and back to Manila. The plane trip back home was a breeze. After my parasailing experience, I was no longer scared of flying, hehe. We had lunch at Miggy's Place near the airport, and while waiting, we took pics of the ricefields beside the resto.

So long Boracay, until next time! :)

Check our Boracay pictures here:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Boracay ~ Day 2

It was 6am. I woke up Keith to take some sunrise photos. He reluctantly agreed, hehe. We went to White Beach and we were surprised to see some dark clouds over the island. But, God is really good, coz after breakfast, the sun was out again.

Our complimentary buffet breakfast was super sarap and there were plenty of food to choose from. I had cornflakes with milk, my fave. I also had pansit, fried bangus and omelette which is prepared as you order. I also had coffee, pineapple juice and some orange slices. Ang takaw talaga, hehe!

At 9am, we went reef walking. We went to station 1, where the pick up and drop off station for all water activities is located. We hopped a speedboat, which dropped us off Angol. After the orientation from our dive master Eric, Keith was first to go. When it was my turn, I suddenly became nervous and I totally forgot what our dive master just taught us. I had three attempts going down coz I couldnt equalize. I was at the point of backing out, but the thought of an angry Keith made me decide otherwise, hahaha! With the dive master's help, I was finally able to reach the bottom, to join Keith who was waiting anxiously. I gave him a thumbs-up sign to say I was okay. :) Here's a tip: chew gum. I think it will help you equalize.

I didn't know fish love pandesal, hehehe! We fed them three times. And while we were feeding them, the dive master was taking our pictures. Feeding the fish was a relaxing feeling. Our dive master even caught a fish by his hand and asked us to hold it. I didnt have the courage, so I just rubbed the tail. It was an awesome experience! This has got to be the best water activity ever! And at P500 each, it's a bargain. For the digital underwater pics, we paid P500. For reef walking inquiries, contact JayR 09238308162.

After reef walking, we were shuttled by a speedboat back to station 1. The weather was starting to get really hot, so we decided to have some fruitshakes at Jonah's (station 1). Keith had avocado shake, while I had mocha shake. There was also a tattoo booth inside Jonah's. We decided to get one. Keith had "three stars and a sun", while I had the tattoo artist do a freehand design on my back. We paid P200 for both.

It was already lunchtime, but we were still full. We decided to do Parasailing - not for the faint at heart, hehe. We passed by Diamond Water Sports (station 1), and inquired. They charge P1,000 each for 15 minutes. We said okay. We hopped on a speedboat to bring us to the parasailing dock. There, we rode a two-engine (bigger) speedboat. The crew gave us a waiver to sign, I didnt even read it. Then, they asked us to join them on the deck and strapped us in place. There's no backing out now. One of the crew said, wave your hand like this if you want to go down. That was the only orientation we had and the next minute I knew the big parachute was already pulling us up up in the air. I screamed, "Hunny kung hindi lang kita mahal hindi ko to gagawin, aaaah!"

Parasailing suspends you 500 meters above sea level, and that is super high! So high you can see Bulabog Beach, which is on the other side of Boracay. You can also see Mt Luho; practically the entire Boracay island. You can also see how green the ocean is, and you'll know the black spots are coral reefs. Actually, once settled, it gets a little boring. Hahaha. It only gets exciting when the wind pulls you up/down, left/right. After a few minutes, we were being pulled down. Parasailing is an extreme sport that I am willing to do only once, haha. Try it!

After getting off the speedboat, we didnt have the appetite for lunch. We went back to the hotel to swim at the pool.

At 2pm, we went back to White Beach to find a restaurant where we can have a light meal. Keith required a beachfront location coz he wanted to swim afterwards. I wanted to eat some crabs, so I suggested the Crab House at Escondido. It was located near the Church so I said great because it was Sunday. We took a tricycle and the driver said Escondido was walking-distance from the Church. Upon reacing the Church, there was no mass, so we offered our prayer of thanks. After that, we headed for Escondido. However, the street going there looked rural, and Keith didnt want to pursue. He wanted beachfront, remember!?

We walked back to station 2 and it was difficult to decide where to stop. We ended up at Red Coconut. Keith had burger and mango shake, while I had banana split. Keith and I needed to get that tan. We used their benches to sunbathe. I was thankful we stayed at Red Coconut because most of the guests were foreigners and I wasnt so conscious of my stretch marks and big belly because I know they do not care, ahehe.

After swimming for I think 30 minutes, we decided to go back to the hotel. I asked Keith to go ahead while I do some pasalubong shopping. When I went back to our room, I caught Keith watching showbiz balita, the Katrina-Hayden scandal, ahahay.

It's dinnertime once again, and we have decided to eat at Aria (station 2). We had some red wine and quattro stagioni - pizza with a selection of four different toppings (aria, boscaiola, napoli and frutti di mare). Super sarap, and the spicy olive oil was perfect with our pizza. After consuming our 8-slice pizza, we transferred to the tables along the beach and sat on these big pillows. For dessert, I had belgian waffle from Cafe del Sol, which is Aria's sister company.

Just a few steps from where we were seated, was a group of kids, asking donation for their sand sculptures. When one kid approached me, I said okay but on one condition - please write our names. He did, and charged me P5 for each letter, hehe. I didnt know if he was serious, afterall he only asked for donation. So I obliged and gave him P50. He was super happy.

We decided to do some bar hopping. We strolled along White Beach but didnt find any good spots, so we decided to stay at Hey Jude. I ordered frozen pineapple margarita, while Keith had a mojito. Man, my margarita sucked! After 30 minutes, we transferred to Bom-Bom and Pat's, where there was a man with a reggae hat, singing Tagalog love songs. He kept saying, "thank you all you beautiful people" and was laughing to himself in between songs. I think he was high on drugs or something. So as soon as Keith finished his tequila sunrise and as soon as I finished my mango shake, we left.

That was Day 2, and boy, we were exhausted!