Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pictures of my DIY projects

Table Centerpieces (25 pieces)

Folded brown folders to form a box and held them together with scotch tape. Pasted bond paper triangles to contrast the brown box. Printed images of Superman, Batman and a star on colored paper. I pasted the cut-out versions on the box. Used blue, green and white Japanese paper as added decorative pieces. Inflated size 5 balloons and propped them up using balloon sticks.


I used Microsoft Word and copy-pasted the twins monthly pictures and write-up. Searched the Internet for clipart designs and included them as added decorative pieces. Had it printed at Netopia and ringbinded at Jinco's.

4-tiered Cupcake stands (2 pieces)

Using cardboard, I traced different sizes of a circle using a compass w/ pencil. I cut the cardboards and wrapped them with blue cartolina. Glued them together with a glue gun. I also used glue gun to attach blue and green satin ribbons. It can hold a 7" round cake and 25 cupcakes.

As an alternative to cardboard, you can use illustration board or styrofoam. You can buy the materials at the stationery section sa department store ng SM Mega Bldg B. Mas varied pa ang styro shapes and sizes nila compared to National Bookstore.

5x2 Welcome Banner


I made the design and searched the Internet for superhero costumes. But it was actually my brother Bogs who executed my ideas using Adobe Photoshop. Had the layout printed coz I wanted it in tarpaulin material.

Pull-string piñata


For this pull-string piñata, I followed a step-by-step guide I found on the Internet. Using an old cardboard box, I cut and shaped it to my preferred size and glued them together using a glue gun. I cut a U-shape opening at the bottom and tied a ribbon (this will open the piñata). I cut and trimmed blue crepe paper and wrapped the back and sides of the piñata. For the front, I added a Superman/Batman image printed on tarp material using double-sided tape. I attached toys at the end of blue/green ribbons using scotch tape and attached it to the bottom of my piñata. I glued blue crepe paper to seal the bottom and hide the taped ribbons. Before closing the top, I dropped 80pcs chocolate bars w/ stickers and confetti. I added two nylon strings before sealing the top with a lot of glue (using a glue gun). The nylon strings will hold the piñata from the ceiling.

Balloon Burst


My modified balloon burst contained 3 numbers, 14 Superman/Batman images and a lot of confetti. The numbers and images correspond to a prize. I tied small balloons outside the big balloon and tied ribbons to complete the package. It also has a string so it can be tied from the ceiling. I forgot to make a stick, but the manager of Shakeys made one for me using a barbeque stick and she wrapped a pushpin at the end using scotchtape. I bought my big balloon at the basement of Divisoria Mall (the one with the wet market). It is a size 16 (transparent mother balloon) and it costs P25.

Coloring Sheets

I just searched the Internet for free printable coloring sheets. Brought crayons and other coloring materials from home.

Arranging of lootbag contents and Thank You cards

For the girls, I wrapped jackstones with yellow and white Japanese paper and tied it with a kikay silver bracelet. For the boys, I wrapped toys (paper airplane, rubik's cube, chess, etc) using Japanese paper. I put the candies and chocolates in clear sandwich bag, added a little confetti and stapled it so the candies will not fall out. I printed "Thank you for coming... Vito & Carlos' 1st birthday" and glued them on colored paper. I attached the TY notes on the zipper of the bags using black yarn.

Wrapping of Game Prizes

I just used plain coupon bond, lined it with yellow marker, folded it to resemble a paper bag. I then placed the contents wrapped in clear sandwich bag. The contents are the ff: 2 pcs mini Mentos, 1 Hershey's choco crispies, 1 keychain/bottle opener, 1 Batman sticker booklet. To lock the paperbag, I stapled different plastic ribbons that I've curled.

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