Saturday, June 28, 2008

Twins 1st birthday party

It's the twins' 1st birthday party! We had simple celebration today with 150 of our closest friends and relatives. We had good weather and most kids came in their Superhero costumes. :)

VENUE: Shakey's Galleria - 6320549


We booked Shakey's because they are accessible, affordable and accommodating. They waived the electricity charge and there's no corkage fee if I bring my own cake, clown and decors. It's also optional to get their party package. So basically, we just got food from them. The use of the soundsystem is free, and it was loud and clear in the entire restaurant.

+ I asked for a tarp standee for the welcome banner and an additional high chair since twins (they only have one), and they were able to provide at no extra cost.

+ The party manager asked if I have a stick for my balloon burst, but I forgot to make one. She took the initiative and made one for me using a stick and a pushpin. Now, that's what I call excellent customer service :)

+ Their people were helpful and they were ok in dealing with us. Walang nagsungit or whatever. They also helped us pack the leftovers and gifts and hinatid rin nila sa car.

+/- Our party was scheduled at 3PM, but they allowed us to come in at 11am so we can inflate the balloons for the DIY table centerpieces. By 2pm, we were allowed to set-up the place. The crew helped us in attaching the balloons, piñata and balloon burst sa ceiling. Akala ko by 2pm i-lock na nila ung venue so we can decorate but they were still entertaining customers. By 3pm we had the place exclusive. The programme didn't start on time coz we waited for the other guests. It started around 4pm na and super hungry na ang guests. So after the first game, pina-serve na yung food. Since late na kme nag start, late na rin kame natapos and I had to cancel three games so we can finish by 6pm. We were charged P500 for the 1-hour extention.

+/- The party was well-attended and Shakey's was jam-packed! Capacity nila is 150. We invited 100 people but madami ang dumating. So like the Baptism, hindi kinaya ang aircon, so yung iba (like me), nainitan. Also, one of the aircons was dripping water and so the crew had to mop it several times. Good thing sa likod yung aircon so hindi mashadong sagabal.

+/- In terms of serving the food, ok naman ang pag distribute and very quick naman sila mag respond to additional food orders. Kaya lang sana sinabay na rin sa food distribution ang tissue because we served spaghetti and shempre messy yun kainin esp for kids. They served the tissue after pa kumaen ang mga tao.

+/- Their birthday banner was big which I liked but the names "Vito and Carlos" were lightly printed as in outline lng ng letters, so hindi sha readable. Kung alam ko lng na ganun ang lettering nag cutout na sana ako ng art paper, but too late nung nakita ko, nag start na ang party.

- Hindi ko mashadong like yung table cloth na ginamit kase hindi sila same size.

CLOWN: Tonio's Clowns - 09266245558

+/- Madaling kausap, but the programme I made was not followed kase lack of time and cguro tinantya nya what is better sa crowd. Flexible din sila sa mga impromptu changes like instead of game 3, food distribution na. Maaga din sila sa venue so we were able to discuss pa last-minute changes, like ung surprise candle-blowing for my brother in law, my sister in law and uncle who were also celebrating their birthdays.

CAKE: Shoppersville Bakeshoppe - 4261246


+/- The cake decoration was cute. The cupcakes were cute too. The only problem was the icing melted coz I brought them early sa venue. Wala mashadong PR ang people in Shoppers, but they are professional and very efficient.

DV FINDS - Superman/Batman costumes, Lootbags, Toys and Stickers for the lootbags and game prizes, Nametags, Party hats, Balloons, mother balloon and handpump.

DIY PROJECTS: Invitations with map & envelope, Guestbook, Table Centerpieces, Coloring sheets, two Cupcake stands, Thank you cards, Piñata, Balloon Burst, Arranging of toys & candies inside the Lootbags and Wrapping of Game Prizes - Tlagang DIY to the max! Every night for two weeks, I would sit down to do the party preps. Everything paid off and I am so happy my piñata was a success! Hahaha! :) Thank you God for holding it in place! ;)

Of course I had help from my Superfriends and I would like to mention them here -


++ I loved the entrance arch and chandelier balloons, as in tinalbugan ang mga DIY balloons ko! Shakey's is bare so the entrance arch was perfect kase pagpasok pa lang ng guests, may party-feel na agad. Pinagkaguluhan ng mga kids ang chandelier balloons when the waiters were removing them from the ceiling. Kahit ung mga yaya ko kumuha rin to bring home to their families. It made my party look sossy because of the imported shiny balloons. Jacque is very professional and a perfectionist. She followed the party motif of blue & green. I was impressed with her tools. Complete sha sa materials needed for the balloon decors. She also came in early to make sure everything will be set-up correctly. Most important of all, she is mabaet and madaling kausap. For those who are interested, you may reach her at 09178985227.

TARP PRINTING for the Welcome Banner & Piñata: Pheng Aquino

+ Pheng helped me sa tarp printing. I felt she understood my needs as a DIY mom and gave me a good deal so instead na small tarp lang ang ipagawa ko, I got a long tarp which is perfect as welcome banner. For my piñata, nakuha ko rin ung gusto kong design when I got the tarp material. Kahit sa text and email lang kme nag usap, I got the goods in good condition.

Special thanks to my Lola Nena and Uncle Alex who came all the way from Dumaguete just to attend the party. And to my Ninong Roy who came from the US. And to my sister in law Mau and her family who came from Bulacan. Also, special thanks to my brother Bogs who did all my layout requirements, and to Justin who skipped his classes just to attend the party hahaha! To our parents, for all the help. And of course, to my Kabuki sisters who assisted me in decorating the place and during the party, Thanks everyone! :)

More pictures here -


Multi-tasker said...

hahaha, thank you too and congratulations for throwing a great party without having to spend so much. kudos to your DIY stuffs too! :)

Jim, Kai and Waki said...

belated happy birthday vito and carlos! super mom ka talaga = ) dami mong diy galing!

gail said...

happy birthday to your twins. I hoped on to your site after searching the net for a venue.

galing galing and daming DIY

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