Friday, June 20, 2008

DIY Guestbook - check

I've finished the guestbook for the twins' party. Thank God, hehe.

I just used plain old Microsoft Word, coz I have no time to study scrapbookin sites - although that would be really cute! Anyway, I copy-pasted their colored pics and included a write-up for each month, all taken from this blog, Yesss. :)

It contained about 44+ pictures, a total of 14 sheets. I had it printed at Netopia Megamall branch for P30 per sheet (others charge P50 per sheet). They printed it on photopaper, which was a good thing because the pictures came out glossy and nice.

Using a paper cutter, I trimmed the photopaper to fit a short bond paper size. I also inserted parchment paper in between the sheets to form as a shield or protector or what I would like to call just plain kikayness. Then I added a few blue cardboard at the end of the guestbook for all the guests' messages and birthday wishes. I also covered the front page with the same blue cardboard.

Then, I had it ringbinded and covered with acetate at Jinco's, beside OSMA. The charge was P16 (others charge P50+). I spent only P436 for this project. :)


Jim, Kai and Waki said...

wow buti ka pa nakagawa ng guestbook. ako bumili lang ng memo pad at gel pen na spongebob tapos nilagyan lang ng clip. kaso inuwi ng mga guests akala ata give aways. galing mo sis! = )

-:- Moi -:- said...

Hahaha! Yung ginawa ko parang scrapbook-slash-guestbook, hehe. Wala kase kameng AVP (mas mahirap/magastos gawin yun hehe). Will post some pics of my DIY guestbook shortly :) Thanks for visiting :)

Multi-tasker said...

sis, ngayon ko lang narealize na old number ko pala napost ko dito! hala! buti na lang you left a message na lang. ahehe. hey, if it's ok with you, can i help in decorating your venue? :D gift ko na sa twins. kahit simple decors lang. ;)

let me know. God bless on the last leg of the preps. :D

and ang galing ng mga DIY mo. panalo!