Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DIY Piñata - check?

This is the most difficult of all the DIYs I've made so far. I was in tears trying to make this and I swore to myself I'll buy na lang next time or skip the entire piñata thing. Madaming concerns with the piñata. At the very start pa lang, Keith didn't want me to make a piñata coz we attended a birthday party before and the piñata didn't open and when the father pulled it, the entire pinata fell to the floor, Hassle. They hung it back up and the father just handpicked the candies inside the piñata. My dear Keith doesn't want any of that in our party. But I insisted, and said I can make it work. After all, I am Supermom. Mwahaha!

I decided to make a pull-string piñata and found a step-by-step tutorial on the Internet. I used an old cardboard box, cut and glued it together using a glue-gun until I got my preferred size. I had Superman and Batman image printed on tarp material, and added it on the cardboard using double-sided tape. I cut and trimmed blue crepe paper and added it using scotch tape (most tiring thing in the world). I also taped ribbons with toys, after all this is a pull-string piñata. Just as I was about to finish, I realized it didn't say how the pinata will hang from the ceiling. What do I do now?! Waaah! Ok remember - Grace under pressure. I put all the confetti and chocolates inside. Glued the top, while putting two nylon strings in place. This will hold the piñata from the ceiling. Tada, Im done! I practiced holding it up, but I'm not confident the strings are securely placed and I fear that the top will open anytime. At this point, I wanted to scream and pull all my hair out. It's already 11pm and everybody's asleep. I started to regret not buying that P150 Superman piñata I saw in Divisoria. Oh because I know it will not open!

So later when I come home, I will fix my piñata. I will make it work. I don't want it to be a disaster, waaaahhh!

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julliefer said...

i already swore we won't have pinata in any of our future parties. i'm not discouraging you sis. you have a DIY pinata so it might work. ;)

nice meeting you the other day btw. can't believe you carried twins in your tummy before. :)