Thursday, June 26, 2008

More DIY projects

Although I want to finish all DIY projects asap, there are some things that I really cannot do ahead of time, like inflating the balloons and designing the cupcakes with the toppers. In the meantime, I try to do all the little things na important pa din like curl the ribbons, cutout the toppers, etc so when the day of the party comes, pagsasamahin ko na lng everything.

Last night, I wrapped the adult game prizes. I just used plain coupon bond, lined it with yellow marker, folded it to resemble a paper bag. I then placed the contents wrapped in clear sandwich bag. The contents are the ff: 2 pcs mini Mentos, 1 Hershey's choco crispies, 1 keychain/bottle opener, 1 Batman sticker booklet. To lock the paperbag, I stapled different plastic ribbons that I've curled. I have the two yayas as Creative Consultants. "Opo, ati, maganda na.. okei.. aprub!" :)

Since I didn't re-do the piñata (i told God sha na ang bahala to hold it in place hehe), I went on to prepare the numbers and Superman/Batman images for the Balloon Burst. The numbers 1-3 are for the toys, while the images are for the 14 consolation prizes. I also curled the ribbons for the Balloon Burst. After that, I went to sleep na coz hindi na kaya ng superpowers ko... :)

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Nina said...

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