Sunday, January 27, 2008

Vito and Carlos at 7 months

Our favorite word right now is "No.. no.. no". Eto na daw ang simula ng kakulitan stage. When they are together, Carlos would pull the pacifier from his kuya's mouth, just to tease him. They have different Cerelac flavors - Rice & Soya for Vito and Wheat, Banana & Milk for Carlos (he poops if not). Both can now reach one foot, and put it in their mouth. They both love it when you raise them up like a flying Superman or when you hoist them on your leg and go up down up down...

Vito is fast to glide on his walker and would immediately pull the plastic containers on the kitchen cabinet, and they would fall on the floor. He loves doing this. He now attempts to stand up, and would cry if you will not help him stand up. His favorite shows are JoJo's Circus, Higglytown Heroes, Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Rolie Polie Olie. He is very playful (a.k.a. malikot), and loves to be tickled on his tummy and neck. His yaya calls him "Vetu..." but I am quick to correct her, "It's Vito".

Carlos loves to play with his toys - the abacus and the colorful balls. He is very madaldal now and loves to make baby talk. Even while eating and drinking from his cup, he mumbles. Hahaha. He is very heavy now. He would reach for you if you reach out your hands to him. He is awake at day and sleeps straight through the night. He sleeps well if the aircon is on. He hates the blanket (like his dad). If you put a blanket on him while he is asleep, he would kick it and move away from it. He loves watching balita (as in.. si Mike Enriquez po!), and kiddie shows that have real people as hosts like Out of the Box, in Playhouse Disney Channel.

It's difficult now to get a good shot of the two. If maayos ung kuha ng isa, ung isa hindi - either nka-simangot or nka-talikod. As you have noticed, all our latest pics have blurry parts, its because they have moved while I took the shot... sori, VGA phone lang kse Hehehe! Because of that, I also have fewer pics uploaded. Also, dpat in the mood sila pareho in order to get a nice shot.

P.S. Thank you Lola Hermie (my grandma) for the matching outfit of the twins :)

The twins' first out-of-town trip ~ Tagaytay

We took the twins to Tagaytay today. We left Manila at 5am to have Eat-all-you-can breakfast at Josephine's Restaurant. It was their very first out-of-town trip. They were asleep during the trip and were very behaved. We brought their yayas along, Ate Juvy and Jennifer.

We were the first customers to arrive at Josephine's. Excited? Hahaha!They open at 7am to serve all-time favorite Filipino breakfast dishes, buffet style.

They had high chairs made of rattan, similar to the chairs we were using, and two pieces were placed beside our table. But we couldnt sit the twins just yet, they are still too small and they would bite on the armrest. My favorite line is "Ooops.. no.. dirty". They would reach everything on the table and would climb on the chair, on us, etc. It was better they were with their yayas. So after we ate, we carried them so their yayas could eat naman.

I loved the creamy and sticky champorado with milk, the sweetness was just right, yum! :) and their made-to-order omelette was cooked on the spot. I also loved their brewed coffee, although it was nothing special, I had 3 refills Hehe! I also had bread, bacon, tocino, beef tapa, rolls with strawberry jam and kesong puti. There were a lot of food in the buffet, but didn't get to taste them all coz I was already full.

The restaurant also had an aviary. We would bring the twins there if they are already bored in their seats. As usual, we were very sikat. Everyone looked and gushed "uy kambal". One family sat beside us, just so they could sit beside "twins" for luck. Hehe. We are used to this na Hahaha!

We had lots of fun and I'm sure the twins enjoyed too.. Until next time! :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Resume or passport pics for only P29

If you need to have your picture taken for your resume or passport, consider Digiprint. They charge P29 only. Kodak and Polaroid booths charge P100+. Instant developing din sha. You'll get the prints after a few minutes. I just discovered this today, and it's a good tipid tip I want to share with you guys ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What's for lunch?

Grab and eat. That's their latest hobby. Here is Kuya Vito caught in the act of putting his toy inside his mouth.. while Carlos looks with his patay-malisha face.. "What..?"

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy second anniversary, Hunny! :)

Keith and I have similar likes and dislikes, dreams and ambitions. We laugh at the same things. We love vacations, the beach, watching movies, good food and good friends. I do not get bored talking to him. In terms of being a husband, he is over-protective. In terms of being padre de pamilya, he is very responsible. I always say he is mature for his age (He is three years younger than me, you know!) :P

Although, he is not a romantic kind of guy, and not so much of a listener type of person, I appreciate his efforts when he tries to be one. We may have some tampuhan and quarrels, but they are outweighed by the fun moments we've shared together.

He respects my family and friends, and makes an effort to be close to them because he knows it is important to me.

One time we were talking, I told him that everything I want in a guy, I found in him. And, everything that I hate in a person, I found in him, too! Hahaha Well, ganun din daw sha with me. I guess that's love :D Accepting the person, good traits and bad traits. I love him because he is not judgemental, and accepts me for who I am. :)

Happy second anniversary, Hunny... I love you very much! XoxoxXoxo! :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Gymboree Play and Music, Shangri La

Today, I called Gymboree Play and Music, Shangri la branch to inquire about their birthday packages, and here's what I got:

P16,000 - for 20 kids (in excess is P500/child)
Capacity of gym is 25 kids (max)

20 lootbags w/ Gymboree toys
2hrs use, with 30mins ingress for the caterer
class for 1 hour; beyond 1 hour, the kids can stay to play
Use of Music and Art Room for the adults; Capacity is 80 adults only

No corkage for caterer/food carts

50% DP - cash, credit card
50% on the day itself - cash, credit card

They also offer Gymboree On-The-Go (services outside Shang) and it costs P9,800 for 2 teachers and a 1 hour class.

For inquiries, you may call Teacher JC at 910-7529.

Kid's Rock, Metrowalk

On my way home last week, I saw a banner of Kid's Rock infront of Metrowalk. I got interested because I read they have birthday party packages. I called them up to inquire, and here's what I got:

Party & Play package - P12,000
3hrs rent
invitations - 35 pcs
basic balloon decor
welcome banner
pinata w/ candies
1 hr (afterparty) at kidquest playarea (questfire station, roadside diner, etc)
game tokens 50pcs
airhockey table
soccer table
free souvenir photos CD - 100 pcs or more

host magician - P6,000 to P7,500
balloon twisting - P3,500 for 100 balloons

Accredited Caterer - Alfonso's Catering
Adults menu = P290/head (exclusive of Vat), min of 50pax
fetuccine primavera
garlic toast
lumpiang shanghai
chicken balls with clam sauce
tuna flakes in tartlets
hawaiian potato salad
assorted pastries

For inquiries, you may call Shiela at 6312711 or Pinky at 09228211202.

The Little Gym, El Pueblo

I learned that The Little Gym offers birthday party packages. I called up their El Pueblo branch to inquire, since we are near Pasig. However, they can accommodate only 100 guests (max). I was told that their Makati branch can hold 120 guests.

Here are the details that I got:

P14,000 - For 20 kids (in excess is P650 per child)
Capacity of gym is 30 kids (max)

20 invitation, 20 lootbags, 20 balloons
1 free backpack for the celebrant

1 and half hours use only of venue with aircon
the first 45mins (gym) - 2 yrs and below need to be accompanied by an adult; 3 yrs and above can go in by themselves
the second 45mins (multi-purpose area; capacity is 70 guests)

extention in the gym = 30mins free play is P3,250; 1hour is P5,400
extention in the multi-purpose area = 1 hour is P3,250

No corkage for the caterer.
Pay P500 if you're going to use the electricity outlet (example: for the ice cream cart).
Party sched is usually 4pm-5:30pm on Sundays, but caterers can set up as early as 10am.
No Party on Thurs/Fri/Sat coz they have classes.
Accepts major credit cards.

For inquiries, here are their contact details:
2F, Building 2, El Pueblo Real de Manila
Julia Vargas Avenue corner ADB Avenue
Ortigas Center, Pasig
Tel No. 6372463 or 6372464

Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park is the first world-class, marine-themed park in the Philippines. It adopts a fusion concept, bringing together in one complex, an Oceanarium, a shopping mall, a restaurant row, a specialty hotel, sea water lagoons and multi-purpose function facilities.

It is now open to the public. Walk-in rates are P400 for adults and P350 for children (4.5 feet and below). Special group rates are available for corporate accounts and school groups.

They accept reservations at their Ozeano Restaurant or multi-purpose function halls for parties beginning April 15, 2008. For inquiries, you may call Ms. Magnolia Flora at 5677777.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

1st Birthday Party Checklist

The twins' 1st birthday is coming up soon - June 28. I know it's still months away, but planning early has its benefits :) I have started canvassing for possible suppliers. I have also identified our budget for the party. All wise mommies know that when planning a party, you need to have a Checklist.

The cost of kiddie birthday parties for a hundred guests can range from P20,000 to P500,000. Here's a checklist of the things you need to prepare for the party of your little one:

1st Birthday Party Checklist for MOMS:

1. Venue (open or with aircon, soundsystem)
2. Food and drinks
3. Games and prizes
4. Birthday Cake
5. Decor (balloons and party banner)
6. Photographer
7. Invitations
8. Costume or Birthday attire

1st Birthday Party Checklist for SUPERMOMS:

1. Venue (open or with aircon, soundsystem)
with play area
with swimming pool
2. Food (adult and kiddie meals)
with foodcarts (sorbetero, cotton candy, etc.)
with choco fountain
3. Party Amenities - invitations, nametags, party hats and masks, thank you cards
4. Games and Activities
coloring books and crayons
game prizes (prepare about 40 pieces)
pinata or balloon burst
5. Party Host
Clown with magic tricks or balloon twisting
Magician (illusionist, ventriloquist)
5. Lootbag and lootbag contents (examples: toys, stickers, candies, etc.)
6. Decor - balloons, banderitas or swags, party banner, standees
7. Themed Birthday Cake, Cookie Lollies and Cupcakes w/ toppers (+ cupcake stand)
8. Others
Face painter
Glitter tattoo artist
9. Photographer and Videographer
AVP presentation
LCD projector
10. Events planner
11. Costume or Birthday attire
12. Guestbook


Happy preps, m0mmies! :)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Change temperaments?

It has been six months and it seems that the twins have changed temperaments. Vito is now the "naughty" one, while Carlos has turned into the quiet one.

Carlos loves to put his hands together over his chest (as if praying). This is his "behaved" pose. Hehe. His eyes look crossed in this photo. This cross-eyed gaze is common and usually normal in the first few months of life. Also, a flat or wide bridge of a baby's nose can make them look cross eyed when they aren't (otherwise known as False Strabismus).

Here is Kuya Vito in a very happy mood. He is now very energetic and bubbly. He flaps both arms and legs if you prop him up. He would sometimes climb on your tummy and chest if you are carrying him, and he shreaks when tickled. Mwahaha! :)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

First Solid Food Experience

During our last check-up, Dra. Quinta, gave us (finally) the Go signal to start giving solid food. She taught us the basics on spoon feeding. She told us to give small amounts first, about half a teaspoon, then gradually increase in the following days or depends on the demand. She said that babies would usually just spit out the food. If we prefer fruits, she advised papaya for Vito (to cure his constipation). For Carlos, she advised banana, mango and potato. But, she suggested we try Cerelac first.

And so we did. The twins had their first solid food today, January 3. We sterilized their rubber spoons, and mixed formula with Cerelac - Wheat and Milk.

Guess what. The twins loved Cerelac! They munched and munched and swallowed the cereal like a pro. They would reach for the spoon and scream if you didn't feed them fast enough. Hehehe.

After the first feeding, Cerelac was all over the place - their faces, hands and bibs. *:P

This picture shows how Carlos reacted upon tasting cerelac for the very first time. Hehe.

We couldn't get a clear shot - Vito is very ecstatic, grabbing the spoon from me.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First check up of the year

The twins had their 2nd Rotavirus vaccine today, January 2. Their pedia, Dr. Romeo Santos, is currently on holiday vacation. Here is Carlos with the reliever, Dra. Quinta.

While waiting for his turn, Vito has taken the folded activity mat, and has tried to spread it using both hands.