Friday, March 12, 2010

The Quest for Bollinger

I helped a friend who is in abroad buy a special champagne in the name of Bollinger, pronounced /Bo lan zhay/. I learned from my friend that this is the favorite champagne of James Bond. Naks.

This is the first time I heard of this champagne. I went to 5 different supermarkets with a printout in tow, and most of the store clerks gave me the "i do not know what that is" kind of look. I also went to 5 different specialty wine shops, but they do not carry the Bollinger. It is so rare, I was lucky to find the only shop in Manila that sells it. Thanks to my friend, Amanda, who referred me to them. :)

I had to ask my partner-in-crime, Mau, to accompany me to Yakal Street in San Antonio Makati because I am not familiar with the place. Our destination was Tita Nia Wine Cellars. They have several branches, but it is only their main office that carries the Bollinger Champagne Special Cuvee, and one bottle costs P6,000. Huwaw!

For that price, you would think it is packaged beautifully. But no. I was surprised to find out it does not have a box. So we had to get a wooden box, which costs P300, to carry the exquisite Bollinger.

Before leaving the shop, we authographed the signboard for the Miss Mouton Cadet 2010. Wala lang, echos lang, hehe. This signboard will be shipped to France.

I promised my friend I would wrap the present in silver and blue packaging. Mau and I went to a gift wrapping store, and decided to get a silver and blue ribbon instead. Here's the outcome:

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Punta Fuego - Day 2

I woke up, looked at the window and saw na maliwanag na sa labas. Ginising ko ang maid and asked her to cook breakfast. When I reached for the cellphone to check the time, it said 3:19. Huwat?? Hinawi ko ang blinds! OMG, sobrang liwanag ng outdoor lights ng kapitbahay.. madaling araw pa pala! I said -indaaay patawarin mko, mwehehe!

We had breakfast at 7AM. It was a beautiful morning!

We changed to our swimming outfits, and went back to Long Beach.

It was pahirapan to make takas sa twins coz iiyak pag nawala lang ako sa tabi. When they got busy making sand castles, tumakbo na ako to where the jetski was.

It was already lunchtime, so balik na kami lahat sa house to eat. The twins love Chef Tony's popcorn.

We packed our things. It was time to go.

Harhar moments:

when carlos was accidentally pushed by bitoy off the pavement and napayakap sha sa puno.. nagalit caloy and said "dahan dahan bitoooy!!" vito was playing with the doorbell. hindi nya abot so pag tip-toe nya nasanggi nya si caloy, mwehehe. ^_^

2pm, pagdating sa clubhouse. super-init!
justin: bibili lang ako ng souvenir t-shirt
papa: tara na kasi wala na akong gas. kelangan ko magpakarga
justin: ha? eh andito na tayo?!!
bwahahaha! ^_^

We had merienda at Pancake House in Tagaytay.

Then stop-over at Paseo De Santa Rosa. It was tiring but definitely, super worth-it!

Thanks everyone for this vacation, mwah! :)

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Punta Fuego - Day 1

Napansin nyo ba.. It's really hot lately? I got a taste of summer when the family went to Punta Fuego this weekend. Caloy's yaya was on day-off so ako ang yaya, who else? Hehe.

We started at 7:00AM. Reached Petron SLEX at around 8:30AM. Surprisingly, there was no traffic in SLEX.

Harhar moment: justin and leizl nka jacket and chaleko. may date ata sa alchemy. parang hindi pupunta sa beach, lol.

We arrived at Josephine's at around 9:30AM. We were here for the buffet breakfast. I feasted on bacon and egg and mostly left-overs ng twins - champorado and myam myam with dang dang (that's bread with strawberry jam). The twins loved the taho and arrozcaldo.

Photo op muna with Taal as background. Kahit scorching hot, todo pose pa rin, OMG! Hehehe

Then, we went to Mahogany market to buy beef, fish, rice, uling and spices. Punta Fuego was still one hour away. The twins slept through the byahe. We had pitstop at 7-11 in Nasugbu to buy drinks and chips.

Finally, we reached Punta Fuego.

After unpacking our things and settling down, we had lunch. There was karaoke, so anupaba? Hehe

The view from the balcony is breathtaking...

Usually, the twins take their siesta at 12NN. But today, no no no! Naloka sila sa playstation.

At 4pm, we all decided to go to Long Beach. Sinakay muna ang kayak, then off we went.

Weather was perfect and the beach was calm... saraaap!

Wrap-up time was 6pm. Carlos didnt want to leave. Iyakan blues. So we promised, tomorrow, we'll have "swimming time" again.

Pagbalik sa house, ligo then dinner. Pahinga, chikka time, karaoke and playstation. That was Day 1.