Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Vito and Carlos!

It's the twins 2nd birthday and they woke up to their favorite things - balloons, CARS activity books, and breakfast delivery from Jollibee, hehe. They love Jollibee mascot and they call him Bobby. They also received a Red Ribbon cake from my parents.

We planned to make the most out of this day as a family, coz we rarely get to do that with our tight schedules. So, after taking their siesta, we left the house at 3PM and picked-up their Lightning Mcqueen cakes from Shoppersville in Katipunan.

Then, we went to Mega Plaza in Ortigas for their first dental check-up. I know, they should have taken this a long time ago, but its difficult to take the twins to the barber without putting up a fight, what more the dentist? Our dental appointment was at 4pm, and we were late. While we were walking through the corridors, the twins were already crying, and when I opened the clinic door, they were screaming. OMG! I had no other choice but to retreat. I told the secretary - sorry I have to cancel, they might get traumatized, next time na lang ha, hehe. So we went down and as soon as the elevator opened to the lobby, we heard the twins laugh in between sobs. As in sigh of relief, bwahaha. tsk tsk tsk.

We went to Galleria and had snacks in Cerealicious. I ordered robopop (cornflakes, banana, nestle pops and strawberry syrup), and we ordered chocolate oatmeal for the twins. They liked my food better, so we swapped.. sayang masarap pa naman, hahaha.

At this point, my in-laws arrived and we went to the department store because their lola wanted to buy them new clothes. She got them jackets and t-shirt/short sets from Mickey Mouse, another one of their favorites.

Then, we went to Tom's World at the 3rd floor for some vroom vroom action. We always go to this area because not so many kids play at this side of the mall. The twins love the yellow and red cars, and they always ride these whenever we are in Galleria. Today, they tried the mini-carousel, boat, drums and throwed hoops at the basketball shooting arcade. I was so proud when Carlos was able to shoot one ball, ring-less, hahaha.

After that one hour of playing, we went to Edsa Shrine to offer a prayer of thanks. Then, we headed to Congo Grille in El Pueblo Real de Manila for our family dinner.

The twins with their uncle Gelo, 3 years old.

Congo Grille was our first choice for the birthday dinner because of their location and affordability. We rented out the function room, which can accommodate 50 pax. We were only about 20 people, so we had a lot of space. Food was yummy, service was the best. Our over-all experience with them was good. We were happy to choose Congo Grille. At 9:30pm, we decided to call it a night.

Happy Birthday Kuya Vito! :)

Happy Birthday Carlos! :)

Welcome to the terrible twos, hehe.

More pictures here.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers 2 at Trinoma

Our team watched the Transformers on its third day of screening. Hindi naman kame excited, hahaha! We picked the 8pm show at Trinoma, cinema 6. We sure had a blast!

This Transformers had hardcore action. I like the first one better :P

There was something different about Megan Fox in this movie. I think her lips were stung by a bee or something. She had puckered lips the entire film, and it was not flattering at all. How true she's the next Tomb Raider??

More of our pictures here:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pasto at El Pueblo Real de Manila

Keith and I met up with his friends for some drinks in El Pueblo. We were supposed to go to our favorite hangout Sidebar, but when we had dinner at Pasto we decided to just stay there -where it is more quiet, and since there were only a few patrons because of closign time, we had the place all to ourselves, literally, hehe. The restaurant closes at 11pm, but we stayed until 2am. Before they closed, we ordered panini, pizza, a bottle of red wine, some zombie cocktails and five buckets of beer. We were just 6 - mike and botch, lester and marc. At around 12mn, botch and I went to mcdonalds to buy some french fries and ice cream for me, hehe. It sure was a fun and relaxing night. I love to chill :)

Notice anything different? I decided to dye my hair brown this morning. I love it. :)