Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dyin doin DIY

I do the party preps after dinner, when the twins are asleep. I allot an hour each night for the DIY stuff. Hindi ako matapos tapos! After cutting out a hundred little pictures I've printed for the invitations and table centerpieces, and after pasting these hundred little pictures on the envelope or cardboard, what do I do next? I cut some more! :)

I do not know why I always subject myself to the most difficult tasks. Everytime I sit to DIY the party stuff, I always choose to add little details and end up cutting and cutting some more. Why cant I just think of simple designs, it will make my life easier.. haha!

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Multi-tasker said...

hahaha...i can totally relate. well, i guess that's what makes us DIY moms, we want everything to be done by our mere hands. :D

sis, question. when na ang bday ng twins? i cant seem to find the date of celeb in your post. can you text me at 0917-898-2016. i have a little something for them. thanks a bunch!