Thursday, June 05, 2008

1st birthday invitation

Yehey! Finally, the layout for our birthday invite is finished! :D

Super thanks to my very artistic brother, Bogs, for doing the painstaking task of editing the pics. The best part of it all, the layout charge is free! Hehehe.. Hooray for Ninong Bogs! :) Kisses to you, Mmuuaah! :)

I had this printed at Columbia Photo - Mega A (#6334990. Look for Gemma). They offer the cheapest digital printing - only P5 for a 4R size picture. You'll also get the prints after 30 minutes. For a busy mommie like me, that's a plus. I requested 40 copies, and paid P200. Then, I bought size 6 white envelope in National Bookstore. It costs P9.75 for a pack of 10 envelopes. My total expense for the 40 birthday invitations is P238. Not bad! :)

I am sooo happy to cross this one out from my To-do list! :D


gail said...

nice invitation! I've been browsing your site for my son's bday party this october. thank you for the information you have provided here.

-:- Moi -:- said...

Thank you for visiting! :) It's never too early to start the party preps hehe ;)