Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cake and cupcakes - check

I had a difficult time deciding on whether to just get big superman/batman cakes or do two cupcake towers filled with cupcakes. Costwise, both are the same, but in terms of work, the towers demand the most labor. Since Im a busy mommie, what did I choose? Of course the cupcake towers. Hahaha! To the max talaga ang pag-DIY ko..

My dilemma was finding a tutorial for the cupcake stands. I found one in the Internet, but couldnt find the right materials. So I ended up using old cardboards (clean, never-been-used cardboards) and bought blue cartolina and satin Ribbons from NBS. Every night I would sit and do it. I think it took me an entire week to finally finish it, leaving a dark kalyo on my middle finger - matigas ang cardboard and I had to make two kse kambal ang anak ko noh! Haha!

Finally, booked the cake and cupcakes from Shoppersville. I got two pieces of 7" round mocha - one with Superman logo and one with Batman logo. I also ordered 80 pcs chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow icing and candy sprinkles (20 pcs dots, 20 pcs stars, 20 pcs straight and 20 pcs choco chips). The taste is homemade, not the Sonja's type. For our kiddie party, it's perfect :) It costs P1,560.

The cupcake topper is another story. I had the Superman/Batman logos printed on photopaper at Netopia, P60 for two sheets with 30 logos in all. I intend to put them on the cupcakes outside the towers because I think it will not fit inside the tower. I'll decide on this on the day of the party.

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