Sunday, April 20, 2008

The yaya and the tourist

Today is Sunday and my mom had a reunion with her HighSchool friends in Dauin. We picked her up after lunch, and then we went to visit the Carmelite Monastery back in the city.

We went to say thank you to Sister Milagros. She is a relative (a cousin of my mom). The monastery helped pray for my safe pregnancy, and I will always be grateful.

After the short visit, we went to eat merienda at Cafe Filomena inside the Bethel Guesthouse. Here is Carlos, having a taste of their arrozcaldo:

Today was a particularly tiring day. The twins would cling on my neck inside the car. They would pull each other's hair. Augh, it was chaos. During merienda, Vito made poopoo. It's really difficult if the twins poop outside the house. Though I am complete with baby wipes and all, it is always difficult to move in public washrooms. After merienda, I was ready to go home. I was looking for Keith because he had the baby bag and we cannot leave without the baby bag, and there he was busy taking pictures of the boulevard, the people, the moonlight.. oh, gimme a break! Jovie = yaya; Keith = tourist.

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