Monday, April 21, 2008

Remembering Lolo Pancho

Before having dinner, we made a quick stop at the Dumaguete Memorial Park. We went to visit Lolo Pancho. We lighted a candle and brought some flowers.

My Lolo was strict and old-fashioned, but he is a loving Lolo and taught us discipline and the value of harwork.

Jeo and I used to spend summer in Dumaguete when we were little. When we fought, Lolo would say, "Pakikuha nga ung boxing gloves at ibigay dito sa dalawa". We would immediately stop fighting. Hahaha

One time when he was hospitalized, I bought a vase full of flowers and my Lola immediately told me he is allergic to pollens (eto nanaman ako!). Nkka-miss din si Lolo...

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