Saturday, April 05, 2008

Thanksgiving lunch

We had a simple thanksgiving lunch at home today. We are thankful for all the blessings we've been receiving. We thank the Lord for the speedy recovery of Papa Dong. He went home last Wednesday. We are also celebrating Justin's graduation from high school.

We just ordered paluto food from our family friend, Leo Arboleda. Food were pansit guisado, pork menudo, chicken curry and kare-kare. I cooked beef w/ brocolli (with no salt) for Papa Dong. His friends Tito Boy Peralta, Tito Ben and Ninang Anabelle had lunch with us. In the afternoon, my friends Malou and her kids Sofia and Drix dropped by for merienda. I cooked spaghetti. Polly and her husband, Jayson passed by mid-afternoon.

Papa Dong is determined to get well and swore to quit smoking and drinking. He follows his food diet and is conscious about his food intake. He needs to lose some weight because he is overweight. Funny lang coz his food resembles the food of Vito and Carlos - carrots, kamote, papaya, mango, oatmeal. Sabay nga silang tatlo kumaen ng breakfast and merienda hehehe!

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