Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Life is too short

~ Life is too short.
Say i love you to the ones you love.
~ Life is too short.
Don't hold grudges. Forgive.
~ Life is too short.
Make the most out of today.
~ Life is too short.
Thank God for all your blessings.

These are my realizations after my dad was hospitalized.

Also, dont forget to:

~ Save money for the rainy days.
~ Have a regular check up with your doctor.
~ Appreciate everything you have

Stay safe. Stay healthy. :)

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Eric & Alma said...

When people close to you get sick, you begin to realize how short life is. My friend, 31 years old recently found out she has a breast cancer. I mean, at my age, I'm not yet thinking of getting cancer or anything, but that's an eye opener for me.