Thursday, April 17, 2008

All systems go

Yeap, I guess we're pushing thru with the vacation alright! It's the first time we're travelling as a family. Dunno if I am excited or nervous. I haven't packed a single item. Haven't even told the yayas. Better call Cebu Pac, I have lots of questions to ask... and, here are the answers:

- We can bring milk inside aircraft (handcarry); No water.
- We can bring shampoo, toiletries, nebulizer, medicines - As long as it is check-in baggage.
- We need to pay P200 terminal fee/passenger; Infant is free of charge.
- The allowed weight is 7 kilos handcarry/passenger and 20 kilos/passenger for the check-in baggage.
- If I want to change my return ticket? - call 7020888 to rebook.
- Print a copy of the e-ticket - The impt part is the one that has your name + your itinerary.
- ID for infants? Birth certificate if no ID.

Oh I almost forgot, it's my first time to fly Cebu Pacific. I hope it doesn't rain. I hope the flight is smooth. I pray the pilot is magaling. Now, I am more nervous than excited. Hahaha!

Cebu Pacific Hotline - 7020888

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