Friday, April 18, 2008

With blocks and balls

Our flight is at 2:40PM, and we arrived at the Manila Domestic Airport at 11AM. Talk about being excited!

My parents were in line to check in our baggages, while Keith and I made sure the twins are not bored, not hungry, not masungit. We didnt bring the baby carrier, so we had to carry them in our arms. There were no restaurants inside, so we just had ensaymada and C2 for lunch. We still had three hours to spare.

I was happy to see a kiddie lounge, and guess what, it's free! :) I registered the twins so they could play (and so I could rest hehe). I was just a bit concerned - of course its a public place so I'm sure many kids have already touched the toys. I have trust in their vitamins do to the protection hehehe

Vito likes the blocks, but he loves the balls! He would giggle at the bouncing balls. We would lightly throw the ball to the wall, and it would bounce on the floor. This would make him laugh and shriek hehehe

Here is Carlos making gigil with this yellow plastic lid. He made some new friends when two little (very pretty) girls came in to play with him.

Time was fast inside the kiddie lounge. I didnt realize we already spent an hour. I quickly changed their diapers and t-shirts and we all went to Gate 3 where our plane to Dumaguete was waiting. ;)

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