Saturday, April 19, 2008

Trip to Lowland Beach Resort in Dauin

Saturday morning, everyone was busy packing their things and clothes. We are going to the beach! Once again I was rushing back and forth the kitchen and bedroom, arranging all feeding bottles, milk, baby food and vitamins. After fixing everything, we hopped inside the rented van, and 20minutes later, we were in Lowland Beach Resort in Dauin.

Vito and Carlos would hold us tight when the waters would roll towards the shore. They would neither step on the water, nor the sand. They were frightened, it's the first time they saw water this plenty. Vito took a dip after several attempts. But Carlos would cry if you just bend him towards the water.

Lunch was yummy! They grilled fresh seafood and cooked a hearty soup. Here we are just playing on the banig:

We had a special guest in the beach - it was Folgoso (Marimar's loyal pet hehe). Nope, it was only his look alike :)

Alin alin alin ang naiba? hehehe Lola Nena and Vito smiling with no tooth. While the ever-serious Carlos hides his four teeth :P

This picture is now the desktop wallpaper in the Dumaguete house. The twins are Lola's first apo-sa-tuhod :)

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