Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy 79th Birthday Lola Nena

It's the eve of Lola Nena's birthday and the family had dinner at Mc Neloy's La Caviteña. The food was good and tasty. The seafood is fresh and succulent, they are the best! Yummm! We had nido soup, pancit guisado, chopseuy, sizzling seafood, sizzling porkchops, camaron rebosado, grilled squid, baked oysters, the rest I couldn't remember. I was busy babysitting the twins :P

Here is Carlos and Vito, wearing their Hard Rock Dubai onesies from their Ninong Jeo. :)

Carlos fell asleep during dinner time, while Vito was busy grabbing the plates and the food. I had to sit him on a different table, and give him spoons to play with. Good thing we were inside a function room coz we were magulo and maingay hehehe

From L-R: Tita Elaine, Lola Minda, Tito Alex, the birthday girl, Aljo, Alexa, my Mom with Vito and Justin (lighting the birthday cake).

The cake is Chocomallows flavor. Super moist, with just the right sweetness. It is uber sarap! I ordered it as a surprise birthday gift. Thank you for telling me Lola is allergic to chocolate. Poor Lola, she had nangka bar for dessert instead, sori hindi ko tlaga alam! :) Another booboo - the "Lola Nena" on her cake was spelled "Lola Nina". Oh my goodness.

Here she is blowing her birthday candle. Happy Birthday to our loving Lola Nena! :) May you continue to be strong and healthy. You are a source of inspiration and happiness. You are very special to us and we love you very much! :)

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