Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wedding - Edwin & Maggie

Our friends, Edwin and Maggie tied the knot today, after 6 years of being together :) It was held at Paco Church and reception followed at San Agustin Grounds. It was an all-adult affair, and required strictly formal attire. That was our dilemma actually because it is so hot nowadays, and if the weather is really bad it would rain pa in the afternoon. I was torn on wearing a dress or slacks. I opted for a blouse and skirt terno. I was actually concerned about the guys. They needed to be in suit or long-sleeves polo. Ahahay.

We picked up Mark & Dianne and Paul Andrew along the way. We met Mike & Botch at Metrowalk (sporting a new blue Everest) and proceeded to SM Centerpoint, where Tito Boy was waiting. The mass is scheduled at 4pm and we were still in Sta Mesa (patay). When we arrived at the church, the bridal march has started. Here's the real couple:

I love weddings! :) It's nice to see people dress up and prettify for a day to celebrate love, friendship and romance. I love to see little girls in gowns, and boys in their little suits. I love the flowers, strings and confetti... :)

Meet the People possè

We had police escorts from church to reception. We passed one-way streets and beat red lights. One of our friends, Lester (who works at Coke), brought his Coke pick up truck. I was laughing the entire time because he positioned himself right after the bridal car. Hahaha!! Imagine - two police motorcycles, the bridal car, a coke pick up truck, a Ford Lynx and two Ford Everests.. Presidential convoy na sana ehhh.. Hahaha!

It was my first time in San Agustin. I have to say it's a nice place. Tabi tabi sila ng Barbara's, Illustrado, Patio Victoria, etc. I am really fascinated with Old Manila - cobblestone streets and spanish-inspired houses. The reception was an open, garden venue, thank God it did not rain. We had dinner shortly. The food was masarap and warm, catered by Makati Skyline. The bride and groom's parents spoke afterwards. I agree with what they said - Put God in the center of your relationship. Pag-aralan nyo ang tamang pananalita, pero mas importante na pag aralan nyo kung pano makinig.

To Edwin and Maggie, we wish you all the best! :) may God continue to bless the two of you with good health, success and happiness. :) Congrats on the little one who's on the way ;)

More pictures here:

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