Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Awesome twosome

The boys are growing up so fast. Carlos is very serious pa rin (kunot nuo); Vito is still very active (makulit with a capital M). :P

Carlos enjoys crumpling pieces of colorful paper and candy wrappers. He loves to play with the remote and our cellphones. He has three teeth now - 1 in the upper gums, 2 in the lower. He sucks-in his cheeks, like a fish. He loves to eat chilled fruits.. kahit antok na, ngumu-nguya pa rin Haha! He has a big voice and when he cries akala mo aping-api.. nkka-panic tuloy. Hehehe. He loves looking at the mirror, sino kaya tong pogi na eto? Ahaha!

Vito is super hyper now. He will not stay in one corner. He loves to flap his arms - watch out, mabigat ang kamay nyan. He eats anything, as in! Akala mo may ngipin, pero wala hehe When you give him a toy, he will observe it for a few seconds, and slowly put it inside his mouth. If you take it away and put it on the floor, he will reach it using his foot, matalinong bata hahaha! He loves cartoons.. kahit antok na antok na, pipilitin nyang buksan ang mata just to see mickey mouse.

When they are asleep and one wakes up, he will crawl to the other one and wake him up.. When Carlos wakes up, he will crawl to his Kuya and snatch his pacifier. When Vito naman wakes up, he will turn to Carlos and land a heavy hand on his tummy. Riot.

We are trying to introduce more solid food to them everyday. Their meals now include lugaw and kamote. Aside from the usual veggies, carrots and potatoes, they have mango, papaya and banana. Feeding time is a whole different story. Riot din yun, ahaha!


billym said...
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billym said...

I was bored at work and trying to find people I know back home (at least the ones I remember)..and guess who I found? Congratulations on your wedding (I know its a bit late) and your kids..they're adorable. So happy for you.

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