Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Picture Company - Promo

The Picture Company Buy 1 Take 1 on Annual Membership Fee. Grab your bestfriend and split the membership fee! :) Original rate is P2,500, so it becomes P1,250 per member. Promo is until March 15, and applicable at all branches (Podium, Rockwell, MOA, ATC and Bonifacio High Street). Example, if I register at Podium, I can use it if I go to ATC. Major credit cards accepted.

Membership perks:
~ Unlimited photo sessions
~ You can enroll up to 4 sub-members (immediate family only) --> Example, I am the member, my hubby and the twins are free, and we get unlimited shots for the whole year.
~ Free storybook when you have purchased 15 sheets at the end of the year. They print per sheet (8x10 size), and it costs P890.
~ After you have ordered 4 sheets, you get a CD with pics (but low resolution only). You can use it for emailing, uploading, blogging, or printing (wallet size).

~ Free 5R print on your birthday and anniversary.
~ When you order a recopy of the exact same print, you pay only P300 instead of P890.
~ Free enhancement (Example you want sepia tone, etc.)
~ They have many props/costumes. :)

Big savings for those who love portrait sessions. If you are a non-member and you want your family to have a (one-time) studio session, you pay P1250 for 4 pax. That's already the membership fee in the promo! *:P

For complete details, you may call them up. Here's the number of their Podium branch - 6375929. Look for Michelle.

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pinay said...

I don't think it was worth it.
I bought a membership thinking we would get freebies for special occasions etc., but anniversaries and birthdays passed by without getting anything not even a text greeting.