Monday, March 17, 2008

Cebu Pacific's Piso Fair Promo

Namuti na mata ko sa kkaantay for the piso promo... Wala!

My family are going to Dumaguete on April for my lola's birthday. And shempre, being the tipid queen that I am, I convinced them to wait for the piso promo of Cebu Pacific. I was told that Cebu Pacific will bring their piso promo back, hindi lang na-disclose when. Ay naku, when I checked their website this morning, nagtaas na sha from last week's rate. Maybe because others have purchased na and the cheaper seats are already occupied. Mukhang malabo na rin mag piso promo kase summer is just around the corner. Kaya ayun, dali dali sa pagbili ng tickets on-line!

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