Monday, March 31, 2008

Papa Dong ~ doing Well and Good :)

Today, the twins visited my dad who was confined in the hospital. He is now in a regular private room after being released from the ICU last Friday, and from the Telemetry yesterday. He was very happy to see them. He couldnt carry them though, they just played on the bed. He would tickle their tummies, and they would laugh and shriek hehehe.

We thank the Lord for giving him a second life. :) We also thank Him for providing us the funds for the very costly procedure. God is good and He loves His children. Nothing is impossible with Him.

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passion4sleep said...

Hi Jovie! Kaye here. I stumbled on your blog ages ago and I read it once in a while. I am so glad Tito Joe is doing well. I included him in my prayers since. I've a tita who is a cardiologist so let me know if you need a referral :)