Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shopping for shirts.. I mean, socks

I went to Megamall today to buy some socks for Carlos. He has outgrown his socks already. He needs it when he is on his walker. Shoes are kinda uncomfy.

I passed by the teens section since it is located at the same floor as the infants section. I noticed 50% OFF signs and went to browse through the items. I saw this cute black top with some silver embellishments from Hot Kiss. It was selling for only about P200. Well, it's been a long time since I bought something for myself.. so.. I asked for the L size and quickly added, "ay! XL na lang"- Remember, this is teens section, Hahaha! :P The XL fit me well. And so, I got it! :P

I'm payatot, so I dont usually have an XL of anything. But now, I own two XL tops - the other one is a non-maternity blouse I bought when I was 5 months preggy with twins. That, I dont intend to wear anytime soon. Hahaha!

I was happy with my purchase. The next time I want to buy a shirt, I will definitely consider the teens section. :) It's cheaper than the items in the ladies section. That's a nice tipid tip right there ;) The irony of it all.. a 30-year old buying clothes in a store for 13 yrs old Hahaha! Sabi nga nila, ang bata gusto tumanda, ang matanda gusto maging bata. Ahahay!

Oh! by the way, I was able to buy the socks - P75 for 3 pairs. It was on sale, too! ;)

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