Monday, March 03, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Monday is usually our time to do major household chores, pay our bills, grocery or marketing. After going to the bank, hubby and I watched Vantage Point in Mega today. (Nice movie, by the way) While waiting for the screening time, we had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo and went to Toy Kingdom. We went to the Super Heroes section to check out their Superman and Batman items. We bought toy trains for the twins, one each, of course. We've grown accustomed to buying two of everything for them. :P

Here's a souvenir pic of me and The Incredible Hulk, or what I would like to call a modern photo of Beauty and the Beast. Hahaha! :P

Whenever someone asks me where this picture was taken, I say "I was in Singapore for the weekend"... Then I will quickly add, "Nah, sa Megamall lang yan!" Hehehe... So much for wishful thinking! ;)

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