Sunday, March 02, 2008

The twins at G4

We brought the twins to Glorietta today - their first trip to the mall. It was more like an experiment kind of thing. We wanted to know if we can already bring them to pashalan spots, like the mall. We went to Timezone at G4.

Well, Carlos was behaved the whole time. He would just look at cars and people that passed by. Vito was masungit coz he wasn't able to sleep. He would grab things he could reach. They both didn't want to ride the stroller, maybe because the mall was new to them and there were so many people. So, no choice but to carry them around. Oh my Vito is heavy, I think I broke my arm... :P (The other yaya is on day off).

By the way, it's the first time I saw G2 after the explosion, and man, it's a wreck. I remember buying my kikay stuffs at Goldcrest. Now, it's gone. Bye bye..

In the end, we agreed that the twins are not yet ready for the mall. We'll just come back on their 1st birthday ;)

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