Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The day with Kabuki at St Lukes

Today, I met my Kabuki sisters Polly, Dong & Chelle at Starbucks Quezon Ave branch - otherwise known as the ground floor of my office :P We went to St. Lukes to visit our other Kabuki sister Peen because her dad, Tito Rey, just had an operation to treat his colon cancer (stage 1).

Inside the car, I asked the girls, "ano ba ung colon?" Dong immediately replied, "ung kwit!". Hahaha! Polly corrected her, "tutuldok!" Tawa kame ng tawa inside the car kaya nag-kanda ligaw-ligaw na kame!

Normally, the trip to St Luke's from my office would only take about 10 minutes. But, with Dong as the Driver, and Polly as the Navigator, our trip was 1 hour 30 minutes long! We left Quezon Ave at 3PM and reached St Lukes at 4:30PM. That included a trip to EspaƱa and SM Centerpoint Bwahaha!! Our word for the day was "U-TURN".

Uhm, mag u-u-turn na ba tayo jan?
Teka, u-turn tayo ulet
Dito ba ang u-turn?
Huh, Left-turn? Dong mag u-turn ka na!!

And so, we finally reached St Lukes and Peen was already waiting for us by the elevators. She told us not to be noisy because Tito Rey is sensitive to sound. He had a successful 3-hour operation last night. Ay naku pagdating sa room, we recounted our trip and tawa kame ng tawa! So we decided to have merienda muna outside because we didnt want to disturb Tito Rey. We went to Delifrance (infront of St Lukes) who was giving out free coffee, their new product - Vodka Sputnik.

We made chit chat and updated everyone with the new happenings in our lives. Polly is 3 months preggy (Accdg to Peen, walang pinagbago sa katawan but Polly is quick to react, Oi tignan nyo wedding pic ko! Hehehe) Dong just came back from Boracay and brought two picture albums with the twins' baptism and Polly & Jayson's wedding. Peen is graduating this March 13 at PICC. As for Michelle.. walang balita except that Dr Quiroz, your soulmate, is waiting for you.. Ahaha! Hey, I heard Malou has a new commercial - Milo. Let's watch out for that ;)

We left St Lukes at 7PM coz we all have work tomorrow. I really had a great time seeing (half of) my Kabuki sisters! :) I miss the bonding moments, the bloopers (Dong baket ka paos? Oo may tonsil kse ako) - mga tipong ganyan.. Haha!!

Till next time, and hopefully hindi na hospital ang setting! :) Take care you all, Kisses to everybody I love you, mwah! :)


Colon cancer is cancer of the large intestine (colon), the lower part of your digestive system. Surgery (colectomy) is the main treatment for colorectal cancer. Signs and symptoms may include changes in bowel habits, blood in your stool, persistent cramping, gas or abdominal pain.

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