Saturday, January 03, 2009

Xmas shopping for hubs

And so I said I got the coolest gift this Xmas, but nothing beats a shopping spree for hubby, hehe. We went to Mega and Shang today to buy his Xmas presents, which included a gray cotton sweater and dark maong pants from Memo, a pair of shoes from Lacoste, plus two neckties, two long-sleeve polos, white camiso de chino and 3 pairs of dress socks. How much for everything? You do the math.. hehe.

We had dinner at Trattoria Gourmet in Shang. He had pizza and carbonara, and I went for the veggie buffet. Ang takaw ko talaga, hahaha!

Merry christmas Hunny! :) I love you very much! :)

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