Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kabuki's Garage Sale

My friends and I joined our village’s “community garage sale”. Joining fee is P100 for a spot in the park with two monoblock chairs. We are four, so P25 each. We planned to sell our old clothes, shoes and accessories. Based from last week’s kwento, the best time to sell your items is at 6am because there’s an aerobics class every weekend morning.

Today, I woke up 8am coz we arrived late last night after attending a friend’s wedding. I was frantically looking for my cellphone and was expecting to see atleast 3 text messages and missed calls. As I reached for my phone which I strategically put in the sala (poor signal in the bedroom), aba wala ni isang text/call. So I started my phone barrage. “hey were are you?”, “tuloy ba today?” it seems that --tulog pa ang mga tindera, my geds. Well, what’s new, haha!

Inayos ko na lng my old stuff and put them all in one plastic bag. I don’t usually call the landlines of my friends coz they have cellphones naman but this time I had to call their house na talaga coz they were not replying. Ayan nakausap ko si polly and umaga na pla sha natulog after bringing jayson to the airport. He is on a business trip to Ohio, and will come back after three months. I decided to go to market first since tanghali na rin and wala ng customers sa park.

Lunchtime na, and of course wala pa rin the friends. Gyp is in school but left the cupcakes with polly, kame daw muna ang magtinda. Finally 1pm michelle and polly arrived. I didn’t know how much to sell my blouses, so I settled for “P25 each na lng”. They said, benta mo ng P50 kse ttawad pa sila then you say P25. sabi ko “No na kse luma na itech and P25 na para mabilis ma-dispose”. Okay. So lakad na kme towards the park. Michelle was excited and said she will checkout all the other stalls and buy this and that and kakain daw sha dun and all, sabi ko – teka! Pupunta tayo para mag tinda hindi para bumili noh, haha!

Pag dating na pag dating namin sa park, dami na nagtitinda.. meron cute dresses and blouses. Nilapag muna namin gamit namin then michelle and I went to check out the other stalls. Sabi ni polly, oi, ilatag muna nten paninda naten hahaha. So inayos namin our stuff, then nilagay the price tags. Hindi namin matanggal ung cupcakes from the tupperware kse mag-melt ang icing. But the best part of it all, nakalimutan ni polly how much ang price na binigay ni gyp and cant be reached na sha, so hindi din namin mabenta ang goodies kse hindi namin alam ang price, bwahaha.

Nakakagutom pala magtinda! sakto naman dumating si mang danny – our suki sa fishballs and kwekkwek. Punta kme agad ni michelle, bwahaha. Grabeh ang dami nka-pila to buy fishballs. Meron din sha banana con yelo and mais con yelo. Maya maya, padating na si polly, hahaha. So habang kumakaen kameng tatlo, dumating si keith. Aba aba aba akala ko ba nagtitinda kayo? Bwahaha! patay, caught in the act! :)

So 5pm dumating na rin si gyp sa wakas! At this time, nka benta na ako and earned P65 (ayus). si michelle naman sold 1 blouse, tama ba? si polly, wala. Naku mahina ang benta, kelangan ng tulong. I got my cellphone and dialed – mommy, punta kayo dito! hahaha so after 10 mins dumating sila mudra. etong tatay ko bumili ng mga cupcakes at binigay sa amin bwahaha ang saya saya talaga hehehe. So nagligpitan na ang ibang stalls kase gumagabi na, kami na ang last nag ligpit, hoping na may bibili pa rin bwahaha. binigay ko na ang P25 na hatian kay polly while saying “it was nice doing business with you (pwe!) hahaha”.

So next week, maaga na daw tlaga kame. DAW. At, magtitinda daw sha ng fishballs kse malakas ang benta, bwahahaha!



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