Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 Year of the ox

As the Year of the Rat ends and the Year of the Ox kicks off, rodents will be glad to hear that the frantic pace of the last year should slowly start to ease. That said, it’s not quite time to drop out of the rat race and retire to the sewers yet. There is plenty of opportunity for advancement in the coming months, both professionally and personally, for rodents who plan carefully and focus on one goal at a time. 2009 may be a bumpy year for friendships, and, as your life continues to move on, you may leave some of your furry friends behind.

You may have been disappointed by a relatively modest 2008, but as your sign enters the heaven, the groundwork you laid should start paying off in 2009. Don’t expect fireworks, but success should arrive both in your family life and in business. This is a great year to achieve personal ambitions as well as take action on major decisions. You’ll find both family and friends supportive of new plans.

Tigers spent most of 2008 having stripes torn off and out of them, and while 2009 won’t be a walk in the savannah, it will be much better. Lone tigers will be glad to hear their time in the wilderness is over, and the chance for finding a mate is high. Friendships will also fare better than 2008, but you should be wary of people taking advantage of you, especially in business, as you may find yourself being swindled.

If 2008 was a warren of problems for rabbits, 2009 is going to be even less carrot and more stick. Expect bumps in the relationship road, as well as financial strains, while you’ll also find some of your friends hopping away for greener pastures. Some good news comes from your professional life, where, if you’re conscientious and shrewd, you may find yourself climbing the career ladder.

Dragons had a fiery 2008, and although the Year of the Ox won’t quite extinguish the flame, things should be quieter for better and worse. Dragons should steer clear of heated disputes in both their home and work life, or they’re likely to slayed by some knight in shining armour. Conversely, a cool head will be rewarded with steady progress. Those looking to share their cave with someone special in 2009 will find love is in the air, and even if the perfect mate can’t be found, you’ll find yourself surrounded by friends.

Snakes should enjoy a fantastic 2009, and for those with big plans this is the time to put them into action. Snakes can expect to slither up the career ladder, make new friends and, if you’re planning to tie the knot, now is the time to pop the question. All of this success won’t come without effort, but any hard work you put into the year will be richly rewarded.

Horses will have many fences to jump in the Year of the Ox, but the year should bring much more happiness than 2008. There is success to be had, both in your home life and in business, but you will have to be careful not to gallop off down the wrong track, as the potential for a tumble is also lurking. You should look to old friends and family for advice, and be wary of counsel from those who may not have your best interests at heart.

Goats did not enjoy a favourable 2008, and, while the Year of the Ox offers a slight improvement, the Goat is still going to have a difficult twelve months in the farmyard. Goats will find themselves butting heads with family and friends, unless they stay cool and approach tricky situations diplomatically. You might be inclined to try and force some success at work or in money, but, again, you should bide your time until your luck starts to change in the final quarter of the year.

The lion may be called the King of The Jungle, but in 2009 Monkeys are set to knock Leo from his throne with a blockbuster of a year. Relationships and friendships are set to blossom and your efforts at work will be well rewarded, in fact, with some many opportunities you may feel a little overwhelmed; don’t be, swing into each one while you can. If primates can steer clear of monkey business then this could be one their best years in memory.

After a somewhat mixed 2008 in the coop, Roosters can once again look forward to spreading their wings and crowing about their success in the Year of the Ox. Hard work in all areas of your life over the past year will start to pay dividends, and you should make great bounds in your professional life. If you have plans for your finances or a business plan, now is the time to put them into action.

Canines will need to work like a dog to get the best out of the Year of the Ox, but those that do will find themselves with more than a bone to show for their efforts. Hard work will win rewards at work, and is the best place to focus your efforts. Relationships may be less rewarding, and while you may find yourself out in the dog house, you should find plenty of friends to share your kennel with.

The Year of the Ox can be a good one for the Pig, but ambitious swines need to climb out of the pigsty and put their energy into what is most important to them, if they are to gain success. There will also be challenges to come, particularly in your personal life, and you should avoid spreading yourself to thin. Make the bacon by focussing on one goal at a time.

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