Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Vito the trumpo

The twins got a robot toy from Ninang Lhanie. Asteeg the robot because it sings, counts and recites ABC. I think it's a wonderful gift coz it will help the twins learn how to talk somehow.

Vito loves to press the singing button. When the robot sings, Vito will stand up and dance with arms wide open, and swirl around the sala just like a trumpo, hahaha. Carlos dances too but with baby side-steps lang, and in one corner only.

Napuyat ako sa robot na yan, hahaha. I had to turn it off and put "it" to bed beside me so that the twins will sleep aswell. Happy ako sa gift, and happy din ang twins. Thanks Ninang Lhanie for the very cool gift! :)

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