Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Diarrhea with a vengeance

Vito was confined in the hospital for 6 days (Oct 30-Nov4) for Infectious Diarrhea. As in dun kame sa Medical City nag-Undas! This is his first confinement since being born. At first, the ER doctors thought it was Acute Diarrhea (lbm + fever), and was sent home with some medications. After a few hours, he had watery stool with blood streaks and he vomitted his milk. He was quickly brought back to the hospital for confinement.

Remember Carlos was confined same time last month for the same thing. He was confined for 4 days.

During Vito's first few days in the hospital, he would vomit his milk. Some babies with diarrhea become lactose-intolerant so we bought him Enfagrow Lactose-Free, but he wouldn't drink it. No choice but to give him his regular milk. Basta important that he burps after every feeding. Yogurt was not recommended. Although it has good bacteria, it is milk-based. Dairy products were bawal muna.

While in the hospital, he took the ff:
Erceflora basillus clausii (1 vial every 8hours) - this is good bacteria.
Amikacin (via IV) - this is an antibiotic to fight off the bacterial infection.
Zinc supplement (1ml once a day)- this helps reduce severity and duration of diarrhea.
Tempra Forte syrup (2ml) - paracetamol is given if body temp is 37.8 degrees and up
Calmoseptine (diaper rash cream) - every nappy change.

Eventually, his appettite returned. We would buy him Goldilocks mamon (yes, kailangan Goldilocks) and choco cereal. Balik na rin sha to his usual kulit and curious self. He would point to the door coz he wants to go out. We would walk down the corridors, with swero in tow, until he feels sleepy again. Time of the day? 3:00AM.

Vito was struck big time and he lost some weight. Infact, from an XL diaper, he now uses Large. :( Poor Vito, babawi kame!

His home medications are the ff:
Cotrimoxazole - 5ml twice a day until Nov 7, pref after meals
Zinc supplement - 1ml once a day

His stool culture showed the cause of bacterial infection was Salmonella. Damn you salmonellaaah!!

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