Saturday, September 27, 2008

Twins at the hospital

Of all the times na magkakasakit ang kambal, ngayon pa.

Carlos is confined in Medical City (2nd time this year) for Infectious Diarrhea (blood in his pupu + fever). Vito naman is sick with very high fever (40 degrees) usually at night, but was not confined.

And so anupaba, we missed the baptism of Moxi. They are joking that the twins daw couldn't accept that they are no longer the only apos that's why they got sick (sabay pa) so all the attention will be given to them (roll eyes).

For Carlos: (weight: 12 kilos)
Cotrimoxazole (antibiotic) 400mg - 3ml every 12 hours
His stool culture was negative. Urinalysis was normal. Cause of lbm with blood + fever is Gastroentoritis, either from contaminated food or water.

For Vito: (weight: 10.5 kilos)
Tempra Drops - 1.2ml every 4 hours

If 39 degrees and up - Wash cloth in ice cold water and put on forehead and armpits. Leave it there for a while. This will bring down the body temperature. If he is having chills, wrap him temporarily in a blanket. If no chills, do not wrap to release the heat from body. Watch out for blood in the nose or gums coz this means the body is holding too much heat. Dengue was ruled out coz his CBC was normal. Cause of high fever is viral infection.

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