Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wedding - RJ and Peen

I only have good things to say about Peen and RJ's wedding. All their wedding suppliers delivered esp their photo/video (Jorge Portrait Studio) and emcee (I didnt get the name). The food was good and the venue couldn't be better (Plaza Ibarra). The sequencing of church and the reception programs were perfect. Ang ganda ng wedding! It was entertaining, fun, personal, very emotional. Hindi serious and formal. There was pure happiness and love as 100+ of their family and closest friends were there to share the event.

I can say that Peen's family have become close to Kabuki. Madami na din napagdaan throughout the years. Her sister Lorelei wasn't able to attend (she's in the US), but Kabuki was complete, together with our partners, so although 1 was absent, 11 naman took her place.

Dami ako teary-eyed moments like when I first saw her in her wedding gown in the hotel (this is it na talaga) then, her bridal march in the church (i remembered mine) and lastly and pinaka solid teary-eyed moment was during her Dad's speech when he said that Peen is his bestfriend and that tonight was his bestfriend's wedding (hehe), then he segued into the My Bestfriend's Wedding theme song - The Way You Look Tonight. awww super nkka-iyak! Chelle, Gyp and I are super cry babies. The three of us were wiping our tears in my pashmina! It was a surprise song number from her dad. Super cool tlaga ni Tito Rey :)

I am so happy for Peen, she looked really beautiful last night. And despite all the drama before the wedding, everything turned out well last night. I didn't know RJ was iyakin! hehehe Super touching tlaga halatang he is super happy. Haaay, super saya talaga last night. I am very happy for the two of them.

It was definitely a fun night! Walang tatalo sa thank you speech ni Peen - "and thank you to Kabuki... very loyal." Loyal? Ano kame, fans club?! Hahaha! I'm now leaving you with a quote from Ires - "We are all looking forward to the next adorable addition to our growing Kabuki family. Here's to a happy home filled with love and many babies!!! Twins?" hehehe

More pictures here.

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