Sunday, November 16, 2008

Makro great buys

Kka-tuwa to shop at Makro. Keith is a member and when I saw the Makro Mail this morning, I asked him that we visit Makro Cainta, which is very near our place. We brought the twins along.

Some items are really cheap. Plastic crates are being sold for P179 each. This is a good-deal, considering plastic warehouses I called sell them for P450 each. We also got a wooden utility shelf, which was priced at P299. Uber cheap na kase if you ask a carpenter to do it, you'll spend P350 and that's labor fee only. Another great find is the plastic hamper which is being sold for only P39. The Hallmark wrappers were also a great find. They sell at P11.67 each in National Bookstore, but in Makro it's only P5.90. Super sulit! The FM radio which we got for P299 is like a toy, hehe. It is compact and lightweight. Okay na for its price. We also got 2-pc braided doormat for P50. Nothing special, but we need this at home. All these for P1,000. What a steal! :)

Makro offers free membership and accepts all major credit cards.

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