Saturday, November 08, 2008

Quantum of Solace

We watched Quantum of Solace today at Galleria. Well, I didn't like when one scene had back to back scenes with another scene that had no relation to the current scene (what term is that?) - example: Bond chasing enemies alternating shots with a horse race scene. Though some fight scenes have real hardcore mano-mano fighting, that didn't impress me much. Nakaka-hilo. Who punched who. Who shot who. Makikita mo na lang patay na ang kalaban. Duh. Hindi ko rin na-gets kung ano ang katuturan ng story. I mean, the plot wasn't original. I was expecting something new. Plus the Bond girls were not as hot as their predecessors (sorry), sana ako na lng noh! Hahaha... Isa pa, I was waiting the entire time where he would say "Bond.. James Bond", pero wala anohhh. I never understood why Pierce Brosnan was replaced as double o seven. He was perfect IMO. So that goes to show I did not enjoy the movie, but it was a movie date with hubby so ok na rin :)

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