Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our first christmas tree

Last year, we spent Christmas at my parents house. This year, Keith and I decided that we will spend Noche Buena in our own home, as a family. I said - we need a tree.

Wala tlaga akong idea how much it costs but sa mall, the more sossy kind is at P7,000 and that's for the tree alone. OMG! Finding a cheap christmas tree? Divisoria is the place to be!

On my way to Divi, I made a silent prayer that I will be safe and hopefully I will find a christmas tree below P1,000. As I walked my way to Tabora St, I saw a number of christmas trees displayed along the street. I asked for a pretty 6ft tree and manang said it is P1,900, hanggang P1,800. Mahal. This is just the ordinary type ha. I asked for a leaner tree and she said P1,100, last price is P900. Hmm.. I said, mag iikot ikot muna ako. O cge P800 na lang, she called out. I wasn't sure about buying a tree that's been exposed to the elements - shempre tabing kalsada lahat na ng usok ng sasakyan dumikit na dito, and naulanan/naarawan na rin sila.

I entered Tabora St. and sooobrang dami ng tao.. siksikan to the max! I made a detour at the back of one stall and entered a building. I noticed a lot of wedding gowns and evening gowns na super ganda. I asked how much, and the girl said P5,000 for the wedding gown with complete accessories. WOW! So eto pala ung sinasabi nilang bilihan ng cheap wedding gowns. Finally, na-discover ko na din! Hehe. Lumabas din ako agad ng building, after all, christmas decors ang pinunta ko dito hehe.

Wala mashadong christmas trees along Tabora St. puro ornaments lang like balls, poinsettias and garlands. A hanging santa clause costs P250; a christmas rug is P100. I walked further and reached Divisoria Mall. In front of the mall, I saw a vendor selling christmas trees na hindi nka-buka ang leaves. I asked how much the 5ft was. P450 daw, P400 last price. Ang mura diba. I asked him to open up the leaves. I wanted to make sure na hindi exposed ang central rod pag nka-open na ang leaves. So inayos ni manong and binuksan nya lahat ng branches/dahon kase nga I wanted to see ung buong christmas tree. And yun nga, manipis ang tree and mukhang "malnourished". So I said, Uhm sorry kuya hindi uubra, mashadong manipis eh. Mabuti naman at hindi nya ako sinaksak and he told me na ok lang daw. Whew, hehe :) remember, this is Divi noh!

I decided to go to 168 to check my options. On my way there, I passed by a store that sells gift wrappers. I got the glossy kind for P36 one dozen (P3 a piece). Mura, considering wrappers in NBS are being sold at P11 each.

Before reaching 168, I decided to go back na lang coz I was tired na, then I saw Jinhung Bijou Art, Inc. and noticed na teka baket ang daming tao dito. I saw christmas trees on display. I checked out a 5ft tree and saw the price tag. It said P999. Ok pasok sa budget. I was trying my luck and asked the manong if I can get discount and he said, ma'am P860 last price. I wasnt expecting to get a discount kse I am buying from a store, but of course I welcomed the good news Thank you God hehehe So I bought the christmas tree here, shempre I checked muna if complete ang parts bago ilagay sa box.

It was drizzling when I went out of the store so I made silong in one of the stalls along the street. The manong was selling christmas tree ornaments. I asked for purple medium sized balls which were being sold for P100/dozen. I made tawad and got them for P60. I also bought medium red poinsettias for P200/dozen (or P16.67 each). Super cheap na coz other stalls sell them for P25 each, and sa malls naman they are P40 each. I passed by Tabora again and bought big gold balls with silver glitters. They are priced at P150 for 6 pcs. I got them for P120.

I was ready to go home when I decided to buy a star for the christmas tree. I asked different stalls and their prices varied from P20 to P200, grabeh naman. I was able to buy the star from one of the kariton vendors for P40 (orig price P50).

All in all, I spent around P1,300 for the 5ft tree, ornaments and wrappers. What a great bargain! :)

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas everyone! :D


baby said...

yeap yeap lowla.. super makakatipid ka talaga sa divi.. :) we have the same curtains,, hihi :)

Melanie said...

Hi. Can you still remember the street where the Jinhung Bijou store's located? kindly email it to thanks :)

-:- Moi -:- said...

Hi Melanie, Sorry I didnt realize this post had Comments, lol. To answer your question, they are located in the intersection of Juan Luna and Sta. Elena Streets. HTH! :)