Thursday, November 20, 2008

DIY - wedding matches

I am so happy how these wedding matches turned out! Being the Candle Sponsor for Peen's wedding, I was also asked to make the wedding matches. I went to the Wedding Library in Megamall to see what's available. They only have silver and gold matches. The bride wanted pink/brown to match their motif. So I have no other choice but to DIY, hehe.

I made them using brown grosgrain ribbon and pink paper flowers. I bought the ribbons from Carolina's at P4/yard. I used two yards. I bought two sets of paper flowers (P25/set) and one glue stick (P5) from Simple Joys. Bought two matches from our suking tindahan at P2.50 each. Total cost for this project is P68. Not bad! :)

My friends loved it naman, esp the bride, so this is another DIY success story :)

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