Saturday, October 11, 2008

Twin Hearts and Mcdo

Dong, Peen and I had breakfast at Mcdo today. The girls picked me up at 6:00AM for an - emergency meeting. Apparently, Popeen's already feeling the pressure of the wedding preps, ahahay! Not to mention, the nursing exams she needs to prepare and review for.

We updated each other and made chikka about the wedding - which is only five weeks away. She's getting hitched at Twin Hearts Parish in Quezon City. I cant be too excited.. remember what happened the last time!

Peen is leaving for the US three weeks after the wedding. Forgot to ask her what she thinks about the financial crisis abroad. Isa pa, walang Dong sa States! Dong who is always just a phone call away. Peen could not have chosen a better Maid of Honor :)

Kka-miss talaga Kabuki breakfasts at Mcdo, just like the good old college days. Oh did yah know that the coffee is refillable until 10:30AM? We didnt! 17 years of being Mcdo customers and we didnt know that the coffee is refillable!

I'm leaving you now with The Consecration Prayer of the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary :)

"O most loving hearts of Jesus and Mary! We venerate you. We love and honor you. We give and consecrate ourselvd to you forever. Receive us and possess us entirely. Purify, enlighten and sanctify us to that we may love you, jesus, with the heart of Mary, and love you, Mary with the heart of Jesus.

O heart of Jesus living in Mary and by Mary! O heart of Mary living in Jesus and for Jesus! O heart of Jesus pierced for our sins and giving us your mother on calvary! O heart of Mary pierced by sorrow and sharing in the sufferings of your divine son for our redemption. O sacred union of these two hearts! Praised be the God of love who united them together! May He unite our hearts and every heart so that all hearts may live in unity in imitation of that sacred unity which exists betwen these two hearts.

Triumph, O sorrowful and immaculate heart of Mary! Reign, O most sacret heart of Jesus! In our hearts, in our homes and families, in your Church, in the lives of all the faithful, in the hearts of those who as yet know you not, and in all the nations of the world. Establish in the hearts of all people the sovereign triumph and reign of your two hearts so that the earth may resound, from pole to pole with one cry: 'Blessed forever be the most sacred heart of Jesus and the sorrowful and immaculate heart of Mary!'"

Twin Hearts Parish of Jesus and Mary
Daily Mirror St. West Triangle
Quezon City

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