Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Ires!

Today, we celebrated Ires' 31st birthday at my parents house. It was a potluck celebration. I cooked beef with broccoli, chopseuy and rice. Chelley brought andoks chicken, Peen brought lumpia and lechon, Gyp brought special bibingka and Ires brought cake. Dong brought her laptop with Kabuki photos. Missing today's event are Polly and Malou. Sayang coz all-girls pa naman kame. Once in a blue moon lang mangyari na absent lahat ang boys hehehe.

To Ires, we wish you good health, a happy family life and success in your chosen career. May God continue to bless you and may you have many many more birthdays to come! We love you very much! :)

clockwise: peen, gyp, ires and sean (yup she's breastfeeding him here), chelley, dong and moi

After lunch, we watched The Fast and The Furious on cable while burning the pics on CD. Dong went crazy over Vin Diesel. The other girls were super kilig din. Hey did yah know he has a twin brother?! Anyway, she got all excited when I told her there's a new Fast and The Furious movie, all-original cast, dubbed as "The Fast And The Furious 4: London Pursuit". Tapos she asked us - napanuod nyo na ba ang Mac Spain. HAHAHAHA! She meant, Max Payne. Nabulol ang lola nyo. Super funny talaga, haaay peen, walang ganyan sa States! :D

More pictures here.

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