Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pneumonia not again

Same time last year, Carlos was confined in the hospital for Pneumonia. It was his very first confinement since being born, only three months old. You bet I was distraught.

Last night, he had an asthma attack. At 12:30AM, I nebulized him with 2 Ventolin nebules, 30 mins apart, but that didnt help. I decided to take him to the ER. At 2:00AM, he was nebulized with combivent and two ventolin nebules, 15 mins apart. He developed slight fever (38.6 degrees) and was immediately given 1.2 Tempra Drops (he weighs 13 kilos). By 6:00AM, he was okay and we were discharged. I bought the home medication from Mercury outside the hospital. On our way home, as in 15mins into the trip, I heard him wheez and noticed he was having a difficult time breathing. Shocks, not again.

We brought him back to the hospital. Experience taught me that this requires confinement. Lab tests showed he had a mild case of Pneumonia. I was sad coz I thought last year was enough. After 5 days in the hospital (Oct 17-21), he was discharged and advised to continue medication at home. The nurses and doctors adore him coz he is such a cutie, waving hello, making beautiful eyes and the flying kiss.

This is his 3rd confinement for the year (sob). He's been sooo exposed to the hospital scene that I will not be surprised if he chooses a medical field when he grows up. "Attention Dr. Carlos Silvestre, to the NICU please" hehe. In the meantime, much care is needed so that he wont be hospitalized again.

His home medications are:
Ventolin nebulization - every 6 hours for 4 days (8am-2pm-8pm-2am)
Prednisolone - once a day (8am)
Himox drops (amoxicillin) - three times a day for 4 days (8am-2pm-8pm)

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