Sunday, January 27, 2008

Vito and Carlos at 7 months

Our favorite word right now is "No.. no.. no". Eto na daw ang simula ng kakulitan stage. When they are together, Carlos would pull the pacifier from his kuya's mouth, just to tease him. They have different Cerelac flavors - Rice & Soya for Vito and Wheat, Banana & Milk for Carlos (he poops if not). Both can now reach one foot, and put it in their mouth. They both love it when you raise them up like a flying Superman or when you hoist them on your leg and go up down up down...

Vito is fast to glide on his walker and would immediately pull the plastic containers on the kitchen cabinet, and they would fall on the floor. He loves doing this. He now attempts to stand up, and would cry if you will not help him stand up. His favorite shows are JoJo's Circus, Higglytown Heroes, Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Rolie Polie Olie. He is very playful (a.k.a. malikot), and loves to be tickled on his tummy and neck. His yaya calls him "Vetu..." but I am quick to correct her, "It's Vito".

Carlos loves to play with his toys - the abacus and the colorful balls. He is very madaldal now and loves to make baby talk. Even while eating and drinking from his cup, he mumbles. Hahaha. He is very heavy now. He would reach for you if you reach out your hands to him. He is awake at day and sleeps straight through the night. He sleeps well if the aircon is on. He hates the blanket (like his dad). If you put a blanket on him while he is asleep, he would kick it and move away from it. He loves watching balita (as in.. si Mike Enriquez po!), and kiddie shows that have real people as hosts like Out of the Box, in Playhouse Disney Channel.

It's difficult now to get a good shot of the two. If maayos ung kuha ng isa, ung isa hindi - either nka-simangot or nka-talikod. As you have noticed, all our latest pics have blurry parts, its because they have moved while I took the shot... sori, VGA phone lang kse Hehehe! Because of that, I also have fewer pics uploaded. Also, dpat in the mood sila pareho in order to get a nice shot.

P.S. Thank you Lola Hermie (my grandma) for the matching outfit of the twins :)

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