Saturday, January 05, 2008

Change temperaments?

It has been six months and it seems that the twins have changed temperaments. Vito is now the "naughty" one, while Carlos has turned into the quiet one.

Carlos loves to put his hands together over his chest (as if praying). This is his "behaved" pose. Hehe. His eyes look crossed in this photo. This cross-eyed gaze is common and usually normal in the first few months of life. Also, a flat or wide bridge of a baby's nose can make them look cross eyed when they aren't (otherwise known as False Strabismus).

Here is Kuya Vito in a very happy mood. He is now very energetic and bubbly. He flaps both arms and legs if you prop him up. He would sometimes climb on your tummy and chest if you are carrying him, and he shreaks when tickled. Mwahaha! :)

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