Thursday, January 03, 2008

First Solid Food Experience

During our last check-up, Dra. Quinta, gave us (finally) the Go signal to start giving solid food. She taught us the basics on spoon feeding. She told us to give small amounts first, about half a teaspoon, then gradually increase in the following days or depends on the demand. She said that babies would usually just spit out the food. If we prefer fruits, she advised papaya for Vito (to cure his constipation). For Carlos, she advised banana, mango and potato. But, she suggested we try Cerelac first.

And so we did. The twins had their first solid food today, January 3. We sterilized their rubber spoons, and mixed formula with Cerelac - Wheat and Milk.

Guess what. The twins loved Cerelac! They munched and munched and swallowed the cereal like a pro. They would reach for the spoon and scream if you didn't feed them fast enough. Hehehe.

After the first feeding, Cerelac was all over the place - their faces, hands and bibs. *:P

This picture shows how Carlos reacted upon tasting cerelac for the very first time. Hehe.

We couldn't get a clear shot - Vito is very ecstatic, grabbing the spoon from me.

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