Thursday, January 10, 2008

1st Birthday Party Checklist

The twins' 1st birthday is coming up soon - June 28. I know it's still months away, but planning early has its benefits :) I have started canvassing for possible suppliers. I have also identified our budget for the party. All wise mommies know that when planning a party, you need to have a Checklist.

The cost of kiddie birthday parties for a hundred guests can range from P20,000 to P500,000. Here's a checklist of the things you need to prepare for the party of your little one:

1st Birthday Party Checklist for MOMS:

1. Venue (open or with aircon, soundsystem)
2. Food and drinks
3. Games and prizes
4. Birthday Cake
5. Decor (balloons and party banner)
6. Photographer
7. Invitations
8. Costume or Birthday attire

1st Birthday Party Checklist for SUPERMOMS:

1. Venue (open or with aircon, soundsystem)
with play area
with swimming pool
2. Food (adult and kiddie meals)
with foodcarts (sorbetero, cotton candy, etc.)
with choco fountain
3. Party Amenities - invitations, nametags, party hats and masks, thank you cards
4. Games and Activities
coloring books and crayons
game prizes (prepare about 40 pieces)
pinata or balloon burst
5. Party Host
Clown with magic tricks or balloon twisting
Magician (illusionist, ventriloquist)
5. Lootbag and lootbag contents (examples: toys, stickers, candies, etc.)
6. Decor - balloons, banderitas or swags, party banner, standees
7. Themed Birthday Cake, Cookie Lollies and Cupcakes w/ toppers (+ cupcake stand)
8. Others
Face painter
Glitter tattoo artist
9. Photographer and Videographer
AVP presentation
LCD projector
10. Events planner
11. Costume or Birthday attire
12. Guestbook


Happy preps, m0mmies! :)


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dancilhoney said...

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