Sunday, January 27, 2008

The twins' first out-of-town trip ~ Tagaytay

We took the twins to Tagaytay today. We left Manila at 5am to have Eat-all-you-can breakfast at Josephine's Restaurant. It was their very first out-of-town trip. They were asleep during the trip and were very behaved. We brought their yayas along, Ate Juvy and Jennifer.

We were the first customers to arrive at Josephine's. Excited? Hahaha!They open at 7am to serve all-time favorite Filipino breakfast dishes, buffet style.

They had high chairs made of rattan, similar to the chairs we were using, and two pieces were placed beside our table. But we couldnt sit the twins just yet, they are still too small and they would bite on the armrest. My favorite line is "Ooops.. no.. dirty". They would reach everything on the table and would climb on the chair, on us, etc. It was better they were with their yayas. So after we ate, we carried them so their yayas could eat naman.

I loved the creamy and sticky champorado with milk, the sweetness was just right, yum! :) and their made-to-order omelette was cooked on the spot. I also loved their brewed coffee, although it was nothing special, I had 3 refills Hehe! I also had bread, bacon, tocino, beef tapa, rolls with strawberry jam and kesong puti. There were a lot of food in the buffet, but didn't get to taste them all coz I was already full.

The restaurant also had an aviary. We would bring the twins there if they are already bored in their seats. As usual, we were very sikat. Everyone looked and gushed "uy kambal". One family sat beside us, just so they could sit beside "twins" for luck. Hehe. We are used to this na Hahaha!

We had lots of fun and I'm sure the twins enjoyed too.. Until next time! :)

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